Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Poster Is Too Good

It's official, after weeks of speculation, Nick Viall is the 2017 Bachelor. Man, am I glad to say that. Not only is Nick much more interesting than Chase or Luke from JoJo's season, but he's gonna totally know what he's doing on the show. After all, he's had serious practice. It'll be his fourth spin on the franchise's various shows. So, it's pretty fitting that Nick's Season 21 Bachelor poster pokes fun at his two former stints on The Bachelorette.

As you may know, Nick has been dumped in second place twice on the ABC show. First he was Andi Dorfman's runner-up to Josh Murray. Then, one season later, he showed up to Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette only to come in second, again, this time to Shawn Booth. It's a running joke in Bachelor Nation that Nick is always the runner-up. It was even in his chyron as his "job" when he was on Bachelor in Paradise.

As the Bachelor, he literally cannot come in second place, so it looks like his runner-up days are over. But, that doesn't mean we can't stop poking fun at his history on the show. I mean, if ABC can joke about it, we can too. This is Nick's official Bachelor poster, and it couldn't be more fitting.

The Bachelor is a much better title, and I can't wait to see him take it on in January.