Expect More Than One 'PLL' Wedding In Season 7B

Tuesday night delivered a truly jaw-dropping finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 7A, which not only put multiple lives on the line — including Spencer and Toby's — but also put many of our favorite couples back together again. And fear not, my friends, because many of these romances will continue on into the show's finale season. In fact, during a recent conference call, show creator I. Marlene King shared with reporters that there will be more than one Pretty Little Liars wedding taking place in Season 7B, so plan your freak outs accordingly.

"That's in 7B," King assured reporters when asked if somehow missed the nuptials we were promised earlier this year. But as per usual, she had an extra twist to the storyline up her sleeve and revealed that "there will be more than one wedding" that will take place before the season is over. And notice she didn't specially say two weddings and made an extra point of teasing that there "may be more." So evidently it won't be all doom and gloom like Tuesday's finale seemed to indicate. The only question is... which couples will be making the long trek down that aisle before their Rosewood stories come to a close?

Aria and Ezra immediately come to mind, but considering Nicole's return and the shaky ground their relationship currently seems to be on, that may not be how their love story plays out. But hey, on this show, you never can tell. Haleb seems like a solid, given the epic reunion they shared by the fireplace, which I may or may not still be watching on repeat. (Can you blame me?) And then there's Emison, who seem to be closer than ever in light of Alison's pregnancy. And if the theory of Ali being inseminated with Emily's stolen fertility eggs turns out to be true, then they could very well be on their way to starting a family of their own.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until April to get a sense of how this is all going to play out, but at least take comfort in knowing that while there's sure to be a fair amount of heartache, there's also going to be plenty to celebrate as well. If all good things really must come to an end, then at least we can trust in this series to not disappoint.

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