How To Tell If You Have Instagram Zoom, The Latest Feature On Insta

Today Instagram announced a new feature, called “Zoom,” that — you guessed it — lets users zoom in on photos and videos. It’s a simple update that could have a major effect on your everyday usage of the app, but how can you tell if you have Instagram Zoom? To be honest, you probably already have it, but here’s how you can make sure:

Right now, Instagram Zoom is only available on iOS, so if you have an Android, you’ll have to wait a few weeks to get the update. If you have an iOS phone, Zoom will work the same way that your regular iOS camera roll does: Once you find a photo or video you want to see in more detail, you “pinch” the screen with two fingers and then pull them apart. The image/video will pop away from the feed and you’ll be able to expand whatever area you want (The video will even keep playing as you zoom). When you release your fingers, the image/video will go back to normal.

To see if you have Zoom, just open your Instagram feed, pick a picture, and try to zoom in. At least with my phone, I didn’t have to do anything to get the feature; it just showed up on its own. If you try to use Zoom on Instagram and it’s not working, head over to the App Store and tap “Updates” in the lower right corner. If you have an update available for Instagram, go ahead and download it, and then open it to see if you’ve got Zoom working.

Here’s a handy demo of how to use Zoom, thanks to PetaPixel:

PetaPixel on YouTube

Easy, right? This feature is so simple — and so obviously useful — that I’m sort of shocked we didn’t have it before. Thankfully, we’ve got it now, and can zoom in on adorable photos of puppies and baby goats to our hearts’ content. (I mean, that’s the bulk of what you have on your Instagram feed, right? I can’t be the only one.)