The 'Stranger Things' Star Is A Tiny Julie Andrews

by Amy Roberts

Like just about every other fan out there right now, I was beyond happy to see the teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 when it was released on Wednesday. The show has pretty much had me obsessed since the very first episode, as well as all throughout the consequent marathon of the entire season and the sad Why did I watch it all so quickly emptiness which followed. So, like most other fans, I've also been following up on my enjoyment of the show by reading as much as I can about it and watching (far too many) adorable videos of the charming, young cast just being their everyday, cool selves. And that's when I noticed something which I just cannot unsee: The actress who plays Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, looks uncannily like a tiny Julie Andrews.

Seriously, people. From her hair (which is currently growing out from Eleven's buzzcut) to her facial features to her smile to even her irrepressible British accent, Brown has such a Andrews vibe then all I can see now is Mary Poppins when I look at her. Like, just take a second to imagine the actress matching a tiny red bow tie with a flower-pinned hat while floating above the rooftops of London with an umbrella. It's spooky.

Don't believe me? Let's take a little look at the evidence:

Their Similar Facial Features

Julie Andrews

Millie Bobby Brown

Along with their delightful button noses, Andrews and Brown share some distinct facial similarities with each other. Lips? Check. Brow Line? Check. Eyes? Check. It probably also helps that both actresses use their similar looking faces to be astoundingly expressive, but come on — tell me you see it?

The Similarities Between Their Voices

Julie Andrews

Millie Bobby Brown

Though Andrews has the perfect elocution of old school Hollywood to her British accent, it's definitely mellowed in recent years, as shown in the above interview. And fans have all had a chance to hear Brown's terrific British accent while she's been busily promoting Stranger Things with the rest of her talented cast. Though it's obviously not enough to just stamp them both with the, Hey, they're British! They may as well be twins! stamp; there's an extremely similar cadence to their voices when they both get excited about something. Like, I'm watching Brown in an interview, but I'm totally hearing Mary Poppins.

That Hair

Julie Andrews

Millie Bobby Brown

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, so hair alone is nothing to be shouting comparisons over, but Brown's current hairstyle is doing little to stop my Andrews comparisons. Brown's adorable crop is Andrews-101, and it totally draws the eye to further comparisons.

They Both Share The Talent Of Great Singing Voices

Julie Andrews

Millie Bobbie Brown

Who knew that Eleven was hiding such a sweet and powerful singing voice? I'm mentioning this purely because of the fact that I know Emily Blunt has been cast to be the new Mary Poppins, but could we also make a younger version? And just like, hire Brown in that lead role? Because that needs to happen. I've convinced myself.

The resemblance is totally uncanny, right? I'm not just seeing things. Brown is a tiny version of the Sound Of Music and Mary Poppins era of Andrews that has become truly iconic. It's unmistakable. And hopefully their similarities will continue straight through into granting Brown with the same long and successful career that Andrews has enjoyed, because she's clearly a star in the making and well on her way to becoming iconic on her own.

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