Who's Ramona Singer Dating Now? 'The Real Housewives Of New York' Star Is Living Her Best Life

Suffice it to say that Ramona Singer is having the time of her life lately on the New York City dating scene. After splitting with Mario, her husband of 25 years (remember their vow renewal ceremony in Season 3? Yikes), Ramona has been hot and on the hunt for some fun. One of the more humorous parts of a particularly heavy Real Housewives Of New York reunion was how the cast talked about Ramona's new dating life on Real Housewives Of New York , and she definitely doesn’t care who knows it.

Ramona said that she was less on the lookout now than she was before, and that she never wanted anything sexual with any of the men she hangs out with — she just wanted some friendship. I think this is a brilliant way for her to go about things, actually — Ramona hadn’t been on the market for almost three decades, so what better way to get out there and figure out what she wanted than to hang out with friends, go dancing, and dress up to make herself feel good? One of the jokes is that she would flit from place to place and man to man and not tell anyone where she was going, but who cares about that? Ramona is still a little bit of a drama queen, but her heart and her head are in the right place when it comes to dating — she’s doing what she feels, and she’s not making any plans right now.


You know Ramona’s doing it right when Avery, Ramona’s traditionally skeptical daughter, was so supportive of her mother and her new lifestyle. Besides telling her mother how nice she looked, Ramona claimed that Avery also approved of the way Ramona has chosen to take on her new single life. I’m glad that the Real Housewives Of New York chose to note her happiness in an episode that was filled with mostly screaming.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy