Drake & Rihanna Kiss On Stage Again

Enough is enough. The expiration date has officially passed for Drake and Rihanna to admit they're a couple. I mean, it's about time, right? On Wednesday, during a Miami stop as part of Drake's Summer Sixteen tour, Drake and Rihanna kissed on stage. Not only did RiRi join her very apparent man on stage to sing "Work" and "B*tch Better Have My Money," but to also share a kiss with him. Before heading off stage, she and Drake hugged, kissed (no, not on the cheek like at the VMAs), and then Drake did his famous neck nuzzle.

Concert goers filmed the moment and now it is all over the internet. Of course, their shippers are analyzing the kiss and if they weren't already convinced these two are a couple, I bet they are now. From declarations of love at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards to being all cozy like a couple out in public, Drake and Rihanna aren't fooling anyone.

We all know you're dating so stop pretending that you aren't. It's getting to the point of being ridiculous, so why not just fess up and appease everyone? The moment they do that, everyone will stop harping on it. I'm sure both musicians are sick of hearing about it and reading tabloid headlines, so why not just come out with the truth already? I highly doubt that truth is, "We aren't a couple." Based on their history, they love to keep their fans guessing, so it's time for them to change it up and give a definitive answer.

Obviously, their personal lives and relationship status is their business, but when you're kissing in front of fans, gushing about one another, and putting it out there for the entire world to see, then you should be willing to discuss it or at least post something on Instagram with a cute photo and a caption simply reading, "We're dating. That is all." That would satisfy me, what about you?

I don't know whether or not Drake and Rihanna just enjoy stringing everyone along or could really care less and have no desire to admit they're dating. Yes, they might not be a serious couple, but something is going on here. In my world, "just friends" don't kiss like that, nor are they all touchy-feely like these two.

Plus, as an entertainment reporter who writes about celebrities daily, if Drake and Rihanna were to come out and confess they are indeed a couple, it'd certainly make my job a lot easier. I'm tired of the "ifs" and "whens!"

With that rant behind me, I'm sure Rihanna and Drake have no plans to discuss what exactly is going on between them. Let the torture continue.

Image: Giphy