10 Recipes for Leftover Beer, If You Can't Stand Another Post-St. Paddy's Day Sip

The average consumer spends more than $1,200 on beer every year and I'm willing to bet a good amount of that is thrown about on St. Paddy's Day. What happens when you're hungover and can't sip another slurp of the golden elixir, but you've got a case of the good stuff staring you down from across the room? You use it in one of these 10 recipes, of course. Here are some creative ways to put your extra beer to delicious use.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Beer and Pretzel Cookies

Who knew that the magic ingredient your cookies were missing was a splash of stout? Cookies and Cups shows us how it’s done with these salty, sweet baked goods.

Image: Cookies and Cups

Easy Beer Mac and Cheese

Just when mac ‘n’ cheese couldn’t get any better. Thanks, How Sweet It Is, for taking post-party food up a level.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Braised Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Beer

Brussels sprouts are having a moment. Kick them even further from the realm of “foods you hated as a kid” by adding a touch of 21+ with this recipe from A Spicy Perspective.

Image: A Spicy Perspective

Crock Pot Beer Chicken

The morning after, beer smell is one of the quickest ways to send you back to a world of spinning rooms and nausea. Toss these ingredients in the crock pot, head out for some fresh air and return to the savory smell of dinner. Thanks, Crepes of Wrath!

Image: Crepes of Wrath

Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows

Kahlua and hot cocoa? We’re over it. For these last few cold nights, try your hand at this sweet treat topper from How Sweet It Is.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches

Whether you’re a traditional beer-drinking St. Paddy’s gal or more of a wino, Simply Scratch has you covered. These traditional sandwiches satisfy both tastes.

Image: Simply Scratch

Beer and Cheddar Cheese Gougeres

You can never go wrong with beer and cheese. A Cozy Kitchen calls for a pilsner, but feel free to experiment with stronger flavors.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Homemade Beer Nuts

Make some of these beer nuts from A Farm Girl Dabbles for a dash of brew without the drunken (and possibly embarrassing) side effects.

Image: A Farm Girl Dabbles

Beer & BBQ Flank Steak

After you’ve taken the time to recover from a night of green beer and fake accents, try your hand at this recipe from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs and invite all of your other drunken buddies over.

Image: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Beer-Battered Onion Rings

What better to dose in beer than the ultimate drunk food? Thanks to The Kitchn, you can have your greasy guilt eats and drink them, too.

Image: The Kitchn