Amy Schumer Shuts Down A Fan's Demeaning Comment Like A Total Boss — VIDEO

One of Amy Schumer's most admirable traits is that she doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. While performing in Stockholm on Wednesday, Schumer shut down a fan's demeaning comments and she deserves all of the applause. As seen in the YouTube clip below, during the first few minutes of her show an audience member rudely shouted, "Show us your t*ts!" Instead of letting it go, Schumer decided to call him out — until he eventually got escorted out of the venue. In responding to the comments, she sent a strong message that those kinds of remarks are unacceptable.

At first, the comedian had fun with the heckler. She asked the audience to point him out, so she knew who she was speaking to. She then asked what his shirt said. Unsurprisingly, the message on it was "I love p*ssies." What a classy guy, huh? Then, she asked a few more questions before putting her foot down. Schumer finally said,

"That's really cute, but if you yell out again, you're going to be yelling, 'Show me your t*ts' to people in the parking lot, because you're gonna get thrown out, motherf*cker."

And guess what? Even though she gave him a second chance, the guy just couldn't keep his mouth shut. In response, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo author followed through and had him thrown out. As he left, she sarcastically added, "We're going to miss you so much."

Amy Schumer on YouTube

While Schumer made light of the situation and joked around with the guy, that doesn't lessen how disrespectful his comment was. It's bad enough that women get catcalled on the street on a regular basis, but when an Emmy Award-winning star is on-stage, she should have the chance to speak and perform her routine. There's no need to interrupt — let alone, interrupt with inappropriate comments. Sure, it may have just been a joke, but it's her body and it's no one else's business. Women's bodies don't exist solely for male entertainment.

Hopefully that guy learned his lesson after being put on the spot, especially in such a public way. Maybe he won't shout crude comments at women in the future. Fingers crossed.