Shushanna Got The Short End Of The 'BiP' Stick

Going on Bachelor in Paradise is not the easiest way to find love. Many contestants enter the beaches of Mexico hopeful that they will find their rose-y love story. But, with singles competing for the same lovers, Paradise love often ends in heartbreak. It's hard enough for those lucky enough to be on the show starting day one, but, for late arrivals, the task of finding love is even harder. Shushanna Mkrtychyan joined Bachelor in Paradise weeks into filming. When she entered the Mexican resort, very few guys were actually single. Shushanna went on a date with the adorable Wells Adams but whether she got his rose is still to be determined. So, is Shushanna single after the show? My guess is this Russian beauty is still single and ready to mingle.

Shushanna's only hope of staying in Paradise is to get the rose of the handsome Wells. I don't blame her for going for Wells. He is witty, self-deprecating, cute, and more available than the other men in Paradise. But, unfortunately, Shushanna is competing with two other women. Her chances of being the one chosen are not 100 percent. Fans were not left with certainty of what will happen, but a preview for the finale shows Shushanna in tears:

In addition to the tough boat Shushanna is in, her social media accounts seem to reflect that of a single woman. There are no hopeful quotes about love. No 'shipping of her and anyone from the show. Quite the opposite actually, Sushanna seems to be happily living the single life. And who can blame her? She's a young, cool, bilingual mathematician with her whole life ahead of her. Shushanna doesn't need a Paradise lover.

That doesn't mean I don't hope Shushanna finds love in Paradise. Maybe a surprise twist will lead to this lovely lady getting a whole bunch of rose offers. If not, I'm sure there will be plenty of suitors lining up for her all over the United States once she returns from Mexico.

Images: ABC (2)