James' Kids Appear On 'Big Brother 18' To Give Him The Sweetest Family Message

The houseguests received surprise video messages from their families this week on Big Brother 18, and, while all of the heartfelt messages of support and love were sweet, one stood out as particularly adorable. James' kids appeared on Big Brother to wish him luck, and it was the cutest family message by far. James' daughter, her mother, and her brother recorded a sweet message to James, wishing him luck and blowing him some sweet kisses. When he first appeared on BB17, James revealed that he had two kids, a daughter, Baleigh, and "adopted son, Landon." Seeing James' kids on Big Brother was a heartwarming way to end the week in Big Brother.

If, like me, you weren't around for BB17, you might have been confused to find out that James is a dad, and wondering what that might mean for him and Natalie. Don't fret, fans, James entered the house single and free to mingle. But he seems to be on great terms with his ex and the mother of his daughter, who not only appeared in the video message to offer support, but has also been tweeting about the season of Big Brother. James' daughter is 4 years old, and, according to some social media sleuthing, lives in South Carolina with her mother. James, of course, lives in Texas.

Despite the distance, James is close to his daughter. In a Facebook post shared last Christmas, James revealed that he drove 18 hours to watch Baleigh open her Christmas presents. "She is such a blessing! I know of all things certain in life, that little girl loves her daddy!" he wrote in the post.

Win or lose, it looks like James is going to get one sweet homecoming when Big Brother 18 is over.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS