James Is Back For Another Great 'BB' Season

When it was announced that there were four hidden contestants in the Big Brother house, I just knew that the only reason the names weren't revealed is because they were contestants fans have seen before. Otherwise, they would have been brought into the house with all the new people. Well, I was right and now I am so excited because the fan favorite from last season, James Huling, is back for Big Brother 17 and though he did win one prize the first time around, this will give him another chance at the grand prize of $500,000.

This is going to be a tough battle for James since he is a formidable opponent and there are more new kids than there are veterans. On one hand, if the contestants are smart, they will get James out right away since he was good at both physical and mental competitions. On the other hand, he is a lovable guy who will help make the long summer pretty enjoyable. At the end of the day, this is a competition and James has a lot to offer. Just in case you didn't watch Big Brother 17 or if you need a refresher on who James is, here's what you should know about this BB veteran.

He Is A Prankster

Since the contestants have no access to the outside world— they can't scroll through the internet, read books, or watch TV — James entertained himself (and everyone else) by pulling pranks on the houseguests all the time.

He Got Caught Up In A Crush On BB17

Last year, James was not at all shy about having a major crush on fellow house guest Meg. James and Meg did not have a showmance, but they formed a strong friendship and he helped her throughout the competition. Hopefully, no one catches his eye this time around and he plays the game for himself.

He Is A Father

James has a son and a daughter who provide him with motivation to keep going in the house and try to win that final check.

He Is Not Afraid To Make Big Moves

Don't get me wrong, James is a super nice guy, but he came into the house with the intention of winning some money. He made some major waves last season when he put up Clay and Shelli for elimination. This was super scandalous since they were not only dominating the game, but in a showmance.

He Is A Survivor

James grew up in a boys' home after his mom died from cancer. He eventually joined the army and also used to be a corrections officer. Long story short, James is one tough dude who's proven he can withstand a lot.

He Was America's Favorite

Not only was James a good player last time, but he was also very well-liked. All of the contestants in the house loved him and the fans clearly felt the same way since they voted for James to win Big Brother 17's America's Favorite prize. Now, James is back to take home the real prize and I know I can't be the only person rooting for him.

Images: Monty Brinton, Sonja Flemming/CBS