Izzy & Vinny Stayed Friends After 'BiP'

Every day on Bachelor in Paradise seems to be different. Just because you're in love and coupled up on one day, that doesn't mean you won't end up single and in search of a rose tomorrow. It's a lesson Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera learned on Season 3 — one second they are in love and inseparable, the next minute Izzy thinks she might be into Brett the Lamp Guy. Vinny left Mexico heartbroken, but Izzy's still in Paradise, so she might find love again. Is Izzy single after Bachelor in Paradise 3 ?

There have been rumors that perhaps Izzy and Vinny have found their way back to each other, but she hasn't confirmed anything officially and neither has Vinny. Judging by her social media posts, Izzy isn't hanging out with just one guy. She has been hanging out and posting photos with fellow Bachelor Nation alums Christian Bishop, Olivia Caridi, Caila Quinn — and even Vinny himself in July in NYC. Even if Izzy and Vinny are back on or just friends, it seems like they ended on better terms than it looked like when Vinny left Paradise a few weeks ago.

On After Paradise, Izzy and Vinny saw each other for the first time since Paradise, and she confessed to him that the whole "falling in love on-camera" thing wasn't as easy as it looked. "We didn’t really ever have certain conversations about our family life, our home life, growing up, those sorts of things, which I think are a great foundation to any relationship," she said. "That was something we had been missing." Izzy also told him that she has "run from great things" before and she "100 percent" regretted the breakup, apologizing to Vinny for breaking his heart.

"I feel like she played herself in the situation," Vinny said during After Paradise, when asked if Izzy played him. "I think if she would've been more mature and communicated more, it would've been a better outcome." When asked if he would give Izzy another chance, Vinny was expressed doubts about Izzy repeating the Brett incident.

As for Brett, there's no sign of any off-camera relationship between him and Izzy, despite the spark she initially felt. But Izzy and Vinny are still currently on good enough terms that he defended her on Twitter to fans who began hurling Internet insults at her. She retweeted the messaged and thanked her ex for sticking up for her.

It looks like these two still have each other's back, even if they're no longer romantically involved, which is so nice to see. And, if they have found their way back to each other, perhaps they've found what was missing in their relationship during the first time around.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC