Wilmer Valderrama & Minka Kelly May Be Dating

by Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one celebrity breakup that really shook me to my core, it was the breakup of former That '70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama and his pop star girlfriend Demi Lovato. Valderrama and Lovato's split was a huge shock for fans who were expecting the couple — who had dated on and off for six years — to get engaged, something that both Lovato and Valderrama had hinted was a possibility in previous interviews. Though these two seem to be on good terms — at least, from the look of their mutual Instagram post regarding their split — it doesn't seem like they'll be getting back together any time soon. According to E! News, Valderrama is reportedly dating Minka Kelly, but their history and timeline may have you a little confused.

According to the report, Valderrama and the Friday Night Lights actor were spotted having a late dinner together at Palms Thai in Hollywood on Wednesday, and sources claimed to E! it "looked like a date." Apparently, it also wasn't their first time hanging out recently: E! reports that the two went on a Mexican vacation together, though they were joined by a few close friends, as well. If that seems like the relationship is moving fast — after all, Lovato and Valderrama did split up in June 2016 — it could be because Kelly and Valderrama have actually dated before, in April 2012.

If you just did the math and wondered how Lovato and Valderrama could be together while he was also dating Kelly, it's because Valderrama and Kelly seemingly only dated while Valderrama was on a break from Lovato. Though Valderrama and Lovato were together for six years, their relationship wasn't always strictly "on" — and they seemingly were on a break for a few months when Valderrama was spotted out with Kelly. However, according to Celebuzz, Lovato may have tweeted this Taylor Swift quote in response to reports that Kelly and Valderrama had gone on an Australian vacation together:

After reports came out that Valderrama and Kelly were dating back in 2012, the alleged couple took to Twitter to laugh off the rumors, claiming that the Australia trip was, essentially, a glorified group hang:

Was this a way for the alleged couple to play off dating rumors and keep their private lives private, or has everyone been reading the signs the wrong way? Until this couple comes out and says that they are officially together, Valderrama and Kelly's relationship is just a rumor.