Rachel McAdams Drops Out of a Film That Could Have Changed Her Career

Keanu Reeves’ most recent project Passengers is proving to be a huge female deterrent, which is a bit of a complication considering the independent sci-fi film is meant to involve a romance. Can’t exactly do that without a lead lady, can you? After Reese Witherspoon first made a commitment to the role alongside Reeves, Rachel McAdams later replaced her when Witherspoon decided to leave. However, it wasn’t long before McAdams called it quits on Passengers as well, which might actually have been a bad decision on her part.

According to E! Online, McAdams' exit also resulted in the Weinstein Co. withdrawing its financial report and halting production, but it's the actress who might be the one who suffers the most in the end. As much as I am extremely jealous of McAdams’ ability to pull off that awesome red hair, The Notebook and About Time star is hitting her limit with romantic comedy movies.

Really though, when you end up starring in a romance flick with strikingly similar plots about men who can time travel and fall in love with you (The Time Traveler’s Wife and About Time), you should probably sit back and ask yourself if you can win an Oscar that way. What happened to the plunge-pen-into-neck and run-over-man-with-car McAdams who we once saw years ago as Lisa Reisert in Red Eye?

The actress is only 35 and she’s already letting herself to be defined by the rom-com genre. Although Passengers would involve some gooey intergalactic love between Reeves and his still lady-to-be, the concept of McAdams helping to save 5,000 sleeping passengers on board a spacecraft is something you wouldn’t typically associate with the celebrity. And that’s why it would have been a perfect fit. I want to see her in action, kicking some butt, not throwing herself into the arms of some guy… as usual.