See The 'PLL' Cast Celebrate Troian's Bach Party

To be honest, I am kind of iffy on the whole bachelorette party and wedding hashtag phenomenon that's going on right now, but one especially cool celeb may have just made me a believer. This past weekend, Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario had a bachelorette party, and by the looks of it, all other bachelor and bachelorette parties have and will pale in comparison. I mean, some of Bellisario's PLL castmates were in attendance — Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell — so it had to be pretty epic. It's kind of hard to top having your on-screen BFFs celebrate your off-screen nuptials, you know? Sure, having TV stars come to your bachelorette party might be an unfair advantage in the cutthroat wedding world, but in the timeless words of Gretchen Wieners, it's not Bellisario's fault she's so popular.

Her bachelorette party tag of choice? #BellisarioGetsBooted. Pretty cute, right? And the star didn't just end the sorta-alliteration with an Instagram tag. No, she got her PLL pals (minus Lucy Hale and Sasha Pieterse, who sadly weren't in attendance) decked out in '60s-themed baseball tees with the phrase sprawled out in psychedelic lettering, making her bachelorette partygoers look like a team of flower crowned badasses (a team I most definitely want to be on, hashtag and all).

Of course, Benson and Mitchell weren't Bellisario's only besties there to celebrate. The actor had a full house of friends roaring and ready to celebrate her last bit of singledom. It all looks absolutely fantastic, and here are some photos that prove Bellisario had the best weekend ever with her supportive BFFs:

Troian Looking Cool AF

So effortless.

Could This *Be* More Epic?

I hope you all read that in Chandler Bing's voice, please and thank you.

Matching Flower Crowns, FTW

Too cute.

Airport Chic

Totally workin' it.

Shay's Caption Is Almost Too Much To Handle

*Drowns in friendship feels*

Though, Ashley's Snap Is Giving Shay A Run For Her Money, Too

*Is reborn in friendship feels*

Are you experiencing PLL pal FOMO? Because, uh, me too.