Are James And Natalie Doomed?

Do you hear that, guys? It's the sound of hearts breaking across this great land as we prepare to see our favorite showmance, James and Natalie, get broken up. We knew this day would come. We knew that at some point, things were going to get awkward as the showmances would be faced with breaking up. But did it have to be James and Natalie that went first? They make a ridiculously great team. They're both so genuine in their affection for one another. If anything, this is one summer romance I hope continues long after the show wraps. With that in mind, let's take a moment to see how we got to this awful realization.

Like I said before, there will be no easy choices in the Big Brother 18 household from this evening's episode onwards. The numbers are dwindling. The options for alliances are running low, too. Even the Final Four —Victor, Paul, Corey and Nicole— may end up having to play a little dirty and break apart. Chances are high they'll be the last ones standing and that means all good things will be coming to an end. For now, though, they've firmly put James and Natalie in their crosshairs this week. With Victor as the Head of Household James and Natalie have done the math. They both know that their previous actions to get Victor out of the house will come around full circle. Haunted by the idea that they trusted the wrong people, James and Natalie know what's happening later this week. All that's left to do is prepare to say goodbye.

Which is awful. Awful, I tell you. Why? Because watching such a beautiful showmance like James and Natalie grapple with the inevitable is the most heart-breaking thing we've had to watch all summer on Big Brother 18. Seeing Natalie question what she is going to do when she's separated from James is so sad. Watching James make himself the real target to save Natalie is noble but equally saddening. The feels are too real. No matter which way you slice it, James and Natalie are going to be separated this week. It's no way to live.

So instead, let's all take a moment to salute the best Big Brother 18 showmance on the block. James and Natalie will find each other soon. Once the cameras stop rolling and they're back out in the real world, I have total faith in the fact that they'll hook up again. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let's not mourn too much, folks. They may be doomed as far as Big Brother is concerned but in real life? In real life, they'll be just fine.