North West Is Adorable In Snapchat Flower Crown

If you've ever wondered why we have off from work for Labor Day, one answer is that we use it to honor the contributions of American workers to our society, and the other answer is that we needed to set aside some time to look at this photo of North West with the Snapchat flower crown. Both answers would be correct, and I'm real happy for American workers, and I'ma let them finish, but this photo of North is the best of all time — of all time! The whole family has been uploading photos all holiday weekend of their exploits, but this particular one was posted by Kim Kardashian to her Instagram on Sep. 4, and made me really drop everything and just stare at it. This is why Snapchat filters were made, folks, to make the already-adorable children of celebrities into heart-stopping cuteness bombs.

In the photo, Little Nori is lying down looks right into the camera, and someone — presumably her mom — has overlaid the Snapchat flower crown filter over her face. Not the one with the golden butterflies, FYI, that makes you a little tan and gives you a nude lip; we're talking the OG flower crown, with pink, white, and yellow flowers, that air-brushes out your skin and makes your eyes all big and shiny like a cartoon character's. But since three-year olds already have glowing skin and huge adorable eyes, this filter all but turns North West into an adorable weapon, designed to stop productivity in its tracks. It's really not fair, take a look.

See what I mean? Definitely don't take a peek at that photo during surgery, or when you're on an important deadline, because it's going to sideline the rest of your day as you try to figure out how a human child could possibly look that cherubic. (In fact, maybe we should send copies to anyone trying to start a war with us? How can you even think about firing a warhead with a photo like that in front of you?) That's why it's good that Kim Kardashian waited until a national holiday to drop this on us, so we have plenty of time to be distracted and get all the insecurity feels wondering how we could have ever thought Snapchat filters were for us, when clearly they were created solely for members of this genetically-blessed family. Sigh. Next thing you know, she'll post Saint West with that dog nose, and that's when you'll know it's time to bring me my smelling salts.