Carly & Evan Have Had Quite The 'BiP' Journey

It's hard to believe that Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 is already wrapping up, but it's that time again... and it also means it's time for the Fantasy Suite dates. There are several couples who are still going strong, and even though I totally didn't see it coming, Carly and Evan are one of them. Against all odds, they actually managed to be one of the most stable pairs in paradise this summer, so it wasn't surprising to find that they scored a private night together. So did Carly and Evan have sex in the BiP Fantasy Suite? Either way, it's definitely not fans' business.

Of course, Carly and Evan have seemed to have their intimate moments on camera... once they got past the whole Carly being repulsed by Evan thing. Will that actually affect what happens in the Suite, though? Who knows! Plus, the whole point of the Fantasy Suite is so the couple who may or may not be trying to figure out if they're going to spend the rest of their lives together can spend time together privately. Like, without the prying eyes of Bach producers and camera crews and the fans (like us) watching at home. So what they do in there is all up to them!

No matter what happens, though, I have a feeling this relationship is still going to be happening post-Paradise. I know Carly was stressing out about losing Evan like she lost Kirk, but after the way these two get together, it makes me more confident in their future together. You know what they say: The couple who has weird jalapeño kisses together stays together.

It might be a strange pairing, but it's hard not to root for them. Hope they had fun in that Fantasy Suite — even though in those comfy robes, it'd be impossible not to.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC