Izzy & Vinny Could Get Back Together After 'BIP'

From the very beginning of Bachelor in Paradise , Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera seemed like the most likely couple to go the distance... until they weren't. A couple of weeks ago, Izzy and Vinny broke up after Izzy realized she had feelings for Brett Melnick when he arrived in paradise, and Vinny immediately left, totally heartbroken. But, now that Brett rejected Izzy in favor of getting to know Lauren Himle better, Izzy changed her tune, but it seemed to be too late. So did Izzy and Vinny date after Bachelor in Paradise ? The drama between these two might never end.

After Izzy left Paradise, she called Vinny to see if he'd give her a second chance now that she'd seen the light, and he wasn't into it. But did he change his mind? When they came face to face again for the first time since the show on After Paradise last month, Izzy apologized and admitted that she'd really like to try again with him, and Vinny didn't seem like that idea was totally out of the realm of possibility. And then, there was solid social media proof that they've actually been spending time together after filming, so there's always a chance!

Maybe now that they don't have to deal with the cameras, they'll finally be able to find a way to make their relationship work. Izzy definitely sounds like she's still interested, so if Vinny decides he wants her back, it seems like she's all in. Who knows? Maybe they'll be the next Bach couple to tie the knot.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC