Beyonce & Bill Clinton Had A Lot To Talk About

The day before Labor Day was also a holiday of sorts, at least for the Beyhive — it was Beyoncé's 35th birthday and she celebrated it with Jay Z and some other special friends. And there was a seemingly unexpected guest who showed up, one who can relate to how Beyoncé's husband feels whenever he hears "Sorry" from Lemonade — Bill Clinton. He showed up at Philadelphia's Budweiser Made in America festival where Beyoncé and Jay were celebrating, and photographers caught Hillary's husband and Beyoncé chatting in a VIP section. So, what did Beyoncé say to Bill?

There's no way to know for sure — neither Bill nor Beyoncé have commented on their talk — but it didn't stop the Twitterverse from surmising. Tweets made the rounds inventing captions for the first pictures that were shared online. They ranged from pointing out how close Beyoncé is with the Obamas to referencing Bill's less-than-faithful past. And of course they didn't forget to mention "Becky with the good hair."

These ideas are a little far-fetched; I'd like to think that Beyoncé had some ground rules to discuss before stumping for Hillary, especially given how Beyoncé has made issues like police brutality so central to her art and advocacy this year. But here's what Twitter thought went down between Queen Bey and Bill:

According to the Clinton campaign, Bill was at the festival to promote, a DNC website aimed at increasing millennial voter turnout, Philly Voice reported. (I like to think he could have been working on Beyoncé to record an official endorsement song.) The Washington Post reported in May that Beyoncé attended a fundraiser for the Clinton campaign in New York. She didn't share any images with Clinton, though, or even acknowledge her presence on social media. A fan account shared the only alleged picture.

This tweet captured what the Clinton camp is surely thinking — regardless of Bill's intentions. It could play well with some younger voters if they see that the Clintons are experiencing the same level of support from Beyoncé and Jay Z that the Obamas have. The two were at Obama's 55th birthday party, and Beyoncé sang at the 2013 inauguration. There are even reports that on the eve of her birthday, Beyoncé spent the night at Camp David with Michelle and the Obama daughters.

The official party, though, was not until Monday, Sept. 6. Beyoncé celebrated in New York City with plenty of famous guests, among them former Destiny's Child band members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, both of whom were decked out in '70s outfits (it was a Soul Train-themed party.) Bill may not have been there, but based on his smiles during their talk Sunday, he surely would have liked to have been.