Go Inside Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick Palette

Is lipstick your vice? If it's not already, well, it will be once you process this information. The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette in Blackmail is available online at Ulta and it's a go-to, on-the-go lip arsenal. The palette has a brilliant design that prevents both waste and messes and I will further explain those deets in a moment. What's in the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette?

Well,the palette is limited edition and it costs $35. For that price, Beauty Junkies get 12 flat pans of lipstick, a brush, and a sleek 'n' chic compact that's insanely totable. You can change your lipstick a dozen times in a day or customize by mixing shades while out and about and without sacrificing premium space in your bag. The palette boasts pinks, reds, nudes, neutrals, lights, and darks. Therefore, it's an affordable way to sample several of the hues in the Urban Decay Vice range.

Remember, the brand famously relaunched its entire lipstick range earlier this year and added an app. UD rebooted and rebranded its lipstick collection with 100 shades, proudly proclaiming that "Lipstick is my Vice." The Vice lippies come in a variety of finishes and in bullet form. But there is a huge difference with the palette and that's the fact that the lipstick shades come in flat pans.

Previously, Urban Decay denied that a Vice Lipstick Vault was in the works for Holiday 2016. However, the Vice lipsticks have been reinvented in a flat palette for the holiday shopping season. Last month, we got a sneak peek of the Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick palettes. It appeared that one would be named "Blackmail" and the other would be called "Junkie."

Blackmail has arrived, so let's take a deeper dive and explore what's inside, shall we?

Consider it your travel-ready lip wardrobe.

Here is the breakdown of what's inside. The finishes and shade descriptions are in parentheticals: Sheer Shame (Sheer, berry), Firebird (Cream, deep fuchsia), Big Bang (Metallized, bright pink sparkle), Disobedient (Cream, medium pink), EZ (Cream, bright red-orange), 714 (Mega Matte, bright red), Vanished (Sheer, pale neutral nude), 1993 (Comfort Matte, medium brown), Ex-Girlfriend (Sheer Shimmer, nude-rose w/pink shimmer), Amulet (Metallized, metallic brick rose), Conspiracy (Metallized, plum-bronze shimmer), and Blackmail (Comfort Matte, deep berry wine).

Urban Decay palettes are usually maj and this one is no different. According to the product description on the Ulta site, the palette was specifically engineered to avoid wasting product and to prevent messes. The brand created the lipstick wells with "a special stair-step effect."

What's the heck does that mean? Basically, the recessed design has a little extra room and lets you wipe any excess lipstick off the brush and thus keep the lipstick in its proper compartment, as opposed to smeared all over the palette.

Here's a closer look at the stair-step wells.

There's also an attached cover that protects the product in the wells.

Yep, this palette is "must own."

Images: Courtesy of Ulta (4); Urban Decay/Instagram (1)