Kendall & Harry Could Make It Work This Time

by Nicole Pomarico

As a One Direction fangirl for life, I will always hate when anyone dates Harry Styles who isn't me. But if it has to be somebody else, I was totally good with him dating Kendall Jenner, and now, it sounds like they might be back on again. According to a recent report from People, Jenner and Styles could be getting back together after spending most of the year apart. The former couple was spotted having dinner together in L.A. last week, and even though that could mean anything, it seems possible they're reuniting romantically. And if you ask me, this time, it's not such a bad idea. Jenner and Styles' relationship could actually work this time, if they do things right.

Normally, I'm not a proponent of getting back together with exes. If the relationship ended before, it was for a reason, and there's a good chance that reason will still be there on your next attempt. But since Styles and Jenner were so young when they started dating — and are still young — it's a little bit different. The first time they reportedly got together was two years ago in 2014, when Styles was only 20 and Jenner was only 18. Plus, from the way witnesses described their outing, it really does sound like it could be for real this time.

And if they're anywhere near as cute as they were last time, I support it.

So what's different this time, besides the fact that they're both older and more mature? Their schedules seem to have slowed down, which leaves more time for actively participating in a relationship. Now that Styles isn't touring anymore (boo) he can spend more time with Jenner, and that's half the battle. Who knows? We might get to see them ring in yet another new year on a fancy yacht.

And honestly, I don't think they gave it a real shot last time. As an insider told People, their last attempt at dating was never that serious, so maybe they were just having fun without any real commitment. If they're legitimately together this time, that's a totally different situation. And as heartbroken as I am that my imaginary boyfriend has found another, any paparazzi photos that have ever surfaced of the two of them have just served as proof that they're incredibly happy together.

Plus, there's always the one thing we can all agree on: With One Direction not really being a thing right now, spending time with Jenner could put Styles back on the radar, which means more photos of him to drool over. And that's never a bad thing!