Trevor May Be A Problem On 'Below Deck'

There’s always one problem child on Below Deck, and in Season 4, I’m thinking that Trevor, the new senior deckhand on the Valor, will be the crew member I love to hate. From trying to boss around the other deckhands to acting inappropriately towards one of the new stewards on the yacht, Trevor's behavior on Below Deck is already problematic with a capital P, and I’m sure all of the other yachties will let him know that all season long. (Bravo did not comment on Trevor's behavior in the Below Deck Season 4 premiere.)

Firstly, Trevor’s position as senior deckhand doesn’t really make sense if you know anything about boating, because Kelley is the bosun, who is generally the person in charge of all the deckhands. Being "senior" doesn’t necessarily mean anything, because even if you’re senior, you’re still not in charge. Trevor either doesn’t realize this or doesn’t care, because he bosses around the other deckhands, who have all had plenty of experience in yachting. Why are you making it so difficult to like you, Trevor? In the premiere, he was also so inappropriate with Sierra, the newest steward on the Valor — he made comments about her breasts falling out of her dress, and then he kept telling her to “smile” for him. It gives me the creepy crawlies just thinking about that scene. Ugh.

Trevor’s attitude toward his fellow deckhand makes for an annoying work environment, but his behavior toward Sierra is much worse and could actually be considered sexual harassment. He has no right to comment on her body or try to get her to smile. Ben, the yacht’s chef, heard Trevor saying these things to Sierra and basically told him to focus on task at hand. And while I'm glad Ben tried to put an end to it, what he should really have said to Trevor was, “How dare you talk to a female colleague like that?” This is only his first episode of Below Deck and Trevor is already grinding on everyone’s gears, so let's hope he learns his lesson quick and makes a change for the better as Season 4 continues.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy