Bank Accounts, Get Ready For Fenty X Puma

You’ve been waiting long enough. It’s finally time to treat yourself to the Fenty X Puma collection. And you’re going to need to find out how much the Rihanna Fenty X Puma line costs so you prepare your bank account for the hit it’s about to take.

There are a range of prices within the collection. If you’re looking to spend less than $100, you’re going to be a bit limited, but there are still items you can snatch up. You’ll find several tops in the $80 price range as well as some accessories for $50 or under. The $30 Terry Cotton Chokers are awesome, and they happen to be the lowest priced items in the range. So, I don’t know about you, but I've figured out exactly what I’ll be adding to my cart!

The most expensive item is a longline track jacket. It'll run you $425, but it's totally worth it. No matter how much you’re looking to spend, there’s a little something for you in this collection, and good thing there is. Because there’s no way you’d be able to resist making a purchase. The pieces are going to be available in Bergdorf Goodman stores as well as at select pop-up locations. You can also cop the pieces on the Puma site now. What are you waiting for? Debit cards ready, and go!

These items will be the coolest additions to your wardrobe.

1. Lacing Cami Bra

Lacing Cami Bra, $100, Puma

A lace-up bra and a baggy jacket is a RiRi-approved kind of ensemble. Get this piece in your closet ASAP.

2. Drawstring Graphic T-Shirt

Drawstring Graphic T-Shirt, $120, Puma

Even if $120 is a little over budget, how could you say no to a t-shirt with a drawstring waist? Leave it to Rihanna to go and reinvent the way you wear a tee, you know?

3. Kimono Maxi Track Jacket

Kimono Maxi Track jacket, $425, Puma

This is seriously the dopest jacket, like, ever.

4. Sneaker Boot

Sneaker Boot, $325, Puma

A sneaker/boot mash-up is just the kind of thing you need.

5. Long Sleeve Cropped Mock Neck Top

Long Sleeve Cropped Mock Neck Top, $80, Puma

A piece like this is key for your fall wardrobe.

6. Lacing Sweatpants

Lacing Sweatpants, $150, Puma

Lace-up track pants? YAS.

7. Lacing Pencil Skirt

Lacing Pencil Skirt, $190, Puma

Sporty meets chic in the best way to create this lace-up pencil skirt.

8. Lace-Up Backpack

Lace-Up Backpack, $300, Puma

Need to amp up your back to school game? Rihanna's got you covered.

9. Terry Cotton Choker

Terry Cotton Choker, $30, Puma

This sweatband-inspired choker is taking athleisure to a whole new level.

Cop these goods before they're gone. Rihanna-designed pieces never stick around for long!

Images: Courtesy Puma (9)