See Photos Of Zoelle's Lifestyle Line Now

If you're a fan of YouTube vloggers, there are dozens of beauty and lifestyle collaborations to shop as vloggers are beginning to expand their brand to products that die-hard fans can purchase. Beauty blogger Zoella, aka Zoe Slugg, is one of the vloggers known for product collabs and has released a new Zoella Llifestyle line that will have you pumped to shop the new home collection.

With more than 11 million YouTube subscribers, Zoella's YouTube channel is filled with fun and adorable makeup tutorials where she isn't afraid to let her quirky personality shine. Just like her videos, bath and body products, and her three books, Zoella's home collection will be just as unique. Right now she's previewed several products in her new line on Instagram and Snapchat including planners, planters, diffusers, pillows, coffee mugs, lighted letters, and even a "Lazy Day" pack including comfy-looking socks and a candle. The collection is perfect for any minimalist who loves all things neutral colored, especially white and gray, adorned with cute and inspirational sayings such as, "Naps fix everything" and "She designed a life she loved."

Even though there isn't any information on when and where you will be able to buy Zoella's products (or even how much they will be), one Zoella Lifestyle tweet did mention that the products would be available soon this month. So get ready, Zoella fans!

I am hoping this desk and these box shelves will be available in the collection as well.

Here's a close-up of a few of the products. I'm loving the rose gold embellishments on the notebooks!

How adorable are the pom poms on the pillows?

Remember to check the Zoella Lifestyle Instagram account (or here!) for the latest updates on the line.

Images: zoellalifestyle/Instagram