When Can You Expect Zayn's NBC Series 'Boys'?

It's been a rocky year for One Direction fans, but, with the help of former boy band member, Zayn Malik, Directioners are in for the unofficial look at the band's rise to fame. According to Variety, Zayn is currently in talks with Law & Order creator, Dick Wolf, to produce a boy band-inspired new series for NBC titled, Boys . While the series won't necessarily be about One Direction, it will take music fans on the action-packed journey of a fictional boy band on the rise. According to the President of NBC Entertainment, Jennifer Salke, Zayn's history is contributing to the realism of the show: “Zayn certainly brings an authentic point of view to this world where kids are catapulted into fame at a dizzying speed." All possible ties to One Direction aside, when will Zayn's Boys air?

Unfortunately, as of right now, there isn't an official release date for NBC's endeavor with Wolf and Malik. However, based on what's been said about the show so far, my speculations all point in the direction of Boys premiering as soon as 2017. While it's too late for the show to be put in production and released in time for the fall 2016 television schedule, this announcement means that pre-production for the project is well underway. With that in mind, that could leave a slot open for NBC's Summer 2017 or Fall 2017 schedules.

However, there are other schedules that need to be taken into consideration. If Zayn wants to keep up the significance of March 25th — which is the day he left One Direction (2015) and released his solo album, Mind of Mine (2016) — then perhaps Boys will be released as soon as this upcoming March 2017. However, if you're going to take Dick Wolf's numerous show schedules into consideration, that wouldn't leave much space for Boys to premiere unless it's somehow well after his new series, Chicago Justice. Wolf's previously announced new series has yet to make its official NBC debut, and, after all, releasing two new series at once wouldn't be the smartest idea.

No matter when the show is officially released, all you need to know is that the scripted drama about the life of a boy band is on its way. And, since Zayn and the rest of the band are most likely not going to star in it, some all-new talent is on its way too.

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