Now's The Time To Shop Tarte X Nicol Concilio

Only the finest makeup brushes will do for that flawless face of yours. So, naturally, you got excited when Tarte announced their collab with YouTube and Instagram sensation Nicol Concilio. And for good reason. These gold-handled brushes are just as gorgeous as they are functional. Now, the only question you need answered is, are the Tarte Cosmetics X Nicol Concilio makeup brushes sold out yet? Because you’re pretty much already convinced to make a purchase by now, aren’t you?

Yeah, I can’t say I blame you. These beauties had me at hello. The $39 set comes with six different brushes that’ll help you do everything from add foundation to slick on the perfect amount of highlight. If you missed the pre-sale back in August, you’ll be happy to know that these babies are available to shop on the Tarte Cosmetics website now. But, act quickly because this limited edition set will likely go quickly.

Buying this set will not only amp up your makeup application game, it’ll also add so much decoration to your vanity. They offer the maximum amount of glam power possible. Because whether they’re in use or simply resting in your makeup drawer, they’re still adding beauty to your life. That definitely makes them worth the $39, don’t you think?

They're almost too pretty to use. Almost.

You're going to want to grab these before they're gone.

I could stare at them all day.

Three of the brushes were specifically designed to flawlessly apply your eyeshadow.

Give your cheeks all of the coloring and shaping they could need with the face framer.

Get your face glowing with this fan brush.

For full coverage, look no further than the buff airbuki.

This will be your go-to for blending and mixing shadows.

Add definition to your eye are with this handy dandy tool.

Last but not least, make your eyes pop using this little guy. This one will help you emphasize the inner corners and lower lashline.

Tarteist X Nicol Concilio Brush Set, $39, Tarte Cosmetics

Are you in love? Head over heels, I'm sure! Head on over to the Tarte Cosmetics website to make a purchase now!

Images: tartecosmetics/Instagram (1); tartecosmetics/Snapchat (9); Courtesy Tarte Cosmetics (1)