‘Below Deck’ Season 4 Yacht Is Something To Sea

Want to get to know the Below Deck Season 4 yacht before Tuesday evening’s premiere sets sail? Then kick off your shoes (you don’t want to scuff the boat’s wood floors, duh), grab a glass of champagne from the Sky Deck, and take BravoTV.com’s video tour of Valor the mega yacht. In the three-part video series, chief stew/Below Deck veteran Kate Chastain, deckhand/Below Deck newcomer Nico Scholly, and chef/Below Deck MVP Ben Robinson show off what makes this boat the special yacht that it is. Valor is a luxurious watercraft that is both stunning and bright; a mega yacht worth chartering for hundreds of thousands of dollars if there ever was one. So, what is it about Valor that makes it such a special boat, exactly? Funny you should ask. I've selected the Below Deck Season 4 yacht’s most noteworthy features.

Now, before I get to the roundup of Valor's highlights, let me say this: the tour’s actual crowning moment is not a futuristic appliance or a weird door that’s been nailed shut, but a cameo by a very important someone. Here is a hint that’ll probably give away the surprise: his nickname rhymes with "spud of the tree."

Ready to dive into what makes Valor a star? Here we go.

1. This Chandelier

I wish I was half as glamorous as this chandelier. Heck, I wish I was half as glamorous as one of the shiny rectangles that make up the chandelier.

2. This Mirrored Bed Canopy

So chic.

3. This Lucite Vanity Chair

It's both waterproof and stylish. What more could you want from a chair in a yacht washroom?

4. The Bathroom… Cube?

I don't understand it, but sure. Why not put a cube in the commode—

5. Oh, Wait. The Cube Is Actually R2-Poo2 The Robo Toilet

Much like Kate, I am obsessed with R2-Poo2.

6. The Salamander

Why use a boring ol’ toaster oven when you can use a salamander?

7. The Secret Doorway To The Captain’s Quarters

Will this weird doorway play a role in this season? I suppose we'll just have to tune in to find out.

8. The Captain’s Quarters That Are Adjacent To The Yacht’s Sky Lounge

Captain Lee’s room shares a wall with the Sky Lounge, and boy howdy can he hear every last conversation. Every last champagne cork. Every last beat drop.

Ugh, I've missed Captain Lee.

9. The Well-Organized Helmets

What an art piece.

10. The Rope Pile That Looks Like A “Rocket”

Way to call it back to Season 2, Kate.

11. The Broken Stair Climber

Wow. What a sea-riously captivating sculpture.

Tour it up tour it up:

Below Deck Season 4 premieres on Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Bravo (12)