Evan & Carly Were So Cute On 'BiP'

In a move that none of us ever saw happening, Carly and Evan got engaged on Bachelor In Paradise ! Yes, I said Carly and Evan — Carly, the woman who puked after the date she had with him. It was actually totally sweet, and I love these two together. I want Evan and Carly to be the next Bachelor In Paradise couple that could. Sorry, Jade and Tanner — you’re on the chopping block in my heart.

The transformation in their relationship has been pretty amazing. Carly was not open to Evan at all in the beginning of the season, but he was persistent with showing how much he cared about her, and she eventually opened up her heart and let him in. Cynic that I am, even I could admit how sweet they are together. Evan told Carly, “I want my kids to see a love like we have, and I want them to know an amazing woman like you are,” and Carly told Evan that he makes her want to be “fearless,” because he was fearless in his pursuit of her. You guys, these two are two quirky peas in a quirky Nashville pod, and Carly said as they drove off into the sunset that she can’t wait to meet his kids and just make dinners and hang out on his porch. SAME, CARLY. SAME.

It just goes to show you — sometimes, you can’t fight love. Carly was so anti-Evan and somehow — boom. She’s now engaged to the guy. I really hope the best for these two. Carly is best friends with Jade Tolbert, so I’m seeing some serious Bachelor Nation double dates in the future for this foursome.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC