Carly & Evan May Already Live Together After 'BiP'

Although I don't actively look for Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, some tidbits are just impossible to avoid, like that Josh and Amanda are already living together, according to Us Weekly. But the living situation for another successful couple is not as out in the open, so do Carly and Evan live together? Carly said during the Sept. 5 episode of Bachelor in Paradise that she'd say yes to Evan if he proposed to her, so the next logical step would be that they'd move in together, right? While scouring the Internet won't provide you with a completely definitive answer, you don't have to wait until the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs on Sept. 6 to theorize about the status of their domestic bliss. [UPDATE: BiP announced that they're moving in together in December.]

Going off the assumption that Evan will propose to Carly during the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 finale and that she says yes, as long as these crazy kids are still engaged after filming, they would decide to share a home together. Well, it seems they might have already taken that step. Carly and Evan actually both lived in Nashville, Tennessee before meeting, so they didn't necessarily need to move in together right away since their relationship after Paradise wasn't long distance. But if you're committed enough to get married, then you should be committed enough to move in together and based on some photos on their social media, that seems to be the case.

The above photo is one that Evan posted years ago before he was even on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette of his living room and the view from his house. Note that building on the left.

Now here's a photo Carly posted less than two months ago of her cat named Kitty. With those floor-to-ceiling windows, it definitely looks like Kitty is looking off into the distance at the same building that was in Evan's photo of his house years ago. While Carly could just be visiting, you don't usually visit your fiancé's house with your cat in tow, so the more reasonable explanation is that they are already living together.

Yet, I must acknowledge there have been some other misleading photos on Instagram that could mean that they don't live together. Both Carly and Evan have recently posted photos of them in kitchens, and unfortunately for people pulling for these two, the photos look to show a different kitchen when you pay attention to the cabinets. However, doesn't it seem like Carly's photo looks more like the kitchen that would be in Evan's swanky high-rise apartment? Maybe Evan's photo is from a place he was visiting since his shorts (swimsuit?) scream vacation.

Evan has children, so adjusting to a stepmotherly role is going to be new for Carly, but if these two have already moved in together, then she's well on her way to this new level of commitment. Either way, the fact that both of these pretty normal people have found love on Bachelor in Paradise is something to celebrate — even if they don't live together just yet.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC