Here's What Barb From 'Stranger Things' Looks Like

by Molly Freeman

Since Netflix's original series Stranger Things hit the streaming service in mid-July, the show has only been gaining more and more popularity among TV viewers — myself included. One of the biggest talking points coming out of Stranger Things Season 1 is many fans' devotion to the character of Barb, played by actress Shannon Purser. But, since Purser is a newcomer to Hollywood (seriously, the Netflix show is her first TV or movie role), fans may be wondering: What does Barb from Stranger Things look like IRL?

The recent high school graduate became arguably the most talked about breakout star from the first season of Stranger Things, which has been confirmed for a second season. However, don't expect Barb to appear since — spoilers for Stranger Things Season 1 — the character met the business end of the Demogorgon and didn't live to continue the story of the Netflix series. For those fans who related to or simply loved Barb — with her big glasses, expertly coiffed hair, and perfectly '80s high-waisted jeans — it may be difficult to picture the actress without the signature style of her Stranger Things character. Well, if you don't happen to follow Purser on Twitter or Instagram, I've got you covered.

The first thing you need to know about Purser is that her makeup game is on point. Speaking as a woman who appreciates less traditional lipstick colors and a perfectly executed cat eye (largely because I've been venturing more and more into the former and am still hopelessly terrible at the latter), IRL Barb is giving me serious makeup envy.

In addition to knowing how to rock a Spider-Man T-shirt, Purser has said she's willing to play fellow Marvel superhero Squirrel Girl — a character who has the powers of both a squirrel and a girl. In my opinion, she'd be the perfect Doreen Green.

Of course, while Purser may wear more modern makeup than Barb, the character retained the actress's curly red hair even if it was styled a little differently. But, as you can tell from this throwback photo, the red hair has been with Purser since she was young:

So, although some may find it hard to recognize Purser without her now-iconic Barb garb and hairdo (I can't wait to see the photos of Halloween costumes and cosplays roll in), the actress is a relatively average recent high school graduate — aside from becoming the Internet's breakout darling of the summer, obviously.

Images: Curtis Baker/Netflix