MAJOR 'Gilmore Girls' Revival News

Guys, this is not a drill: I've got major Gilmore Girls news, here. Entertainment Weekly has published the first page of the Gilmore Girls revival script for the world to read — and you guys, it's perfect. Like, if you had any worries that Lorelai and Rory would lose even an ounce of their Gilmore-ness after all this time, this page will alleviate all your fears. The dialogue is snappy, it has a Goop reference, and it drops a major surprise.

The youngest Gilmore will be arriving in Stars Hollow in the opening scene after a seven hour plane ride. Seven hours. That can only mean one thing: Rory has moved abroad. It would make sense given the top secret news that British actress Alex Kingston has joined the Gilmore Girls cast in a role with major significance to Rory's life. Could Rory have been living in London all this time? Given the time frame of her flight, either she's moved out of the continental United States, or her plane had to make an obscene amount of stops.

Photos from the revival suggest Rory will be spending most of her time in Stars Hollow, and it has been confirmed her journalism career has stalled. If "Winter" includes Christmas scenes, then Rory could be back for the holidays with news for Lorelai — she's moving back to Stars Hollow. While that is great news for the fans, it definitely signals major changes are afoot for the always ambitious Rory.

If Rory is starting her adult life over in Stars Hollow, that is a major deal — leaving behind a life she built for herself in another country would be a drastic change. Rory has never been good at dealing with failure — the boat stealing incident is proof of that — so admitting to herself she needs a new life is not going to be easy. It will make for an excellent Rory story though.

Whatever the plane ride says about Rory's living arrangements, there is no denying how perfect the opening scene is. It starts with a Lorelai and Rory reunion at the gazebo, and I cannot think of a better way to kick off a return to Stars Hollow. Even though they have been living far apart and Rory is an adult now, the Gilmore women's mother/daughter bond is as strong as ever. The pop culture references are fresher, but Lorelai and Rory's special BFF banter is just as amazing as it was in the pilot.

The death of Richard is going to leave Rory, Lorelai, and Emily's lives changed, but Stars Hollow still feels like a safe, magical place. You can feel the energy of the town surrounding Rory and Lorelai in the description of the first scene. Wherever Rory has been, Stars Hollow is there to welcome her home with a warm cup of coffee and her mom's sharp wit. If Rory is looking for a fresh start, she definitely came to the right place.

Welcome home, Gilmore Girls fans.

Image: Warner Bros. TV