What's Going On In This Picture Of Stars Hollow?

by Emily Lackey

It’s another banner day in the world of Stars Hollow. According to the Gilmore Girls’ Instagram page, a town meeting is currently in progress at Miss Patty’s School of Dance and no food is allowed, not even for Lorelai. So what exactly is going on behind those closed doors? This Instagram photo raises some pretty interesting questions about the Gilmore Girls revival that are peaking my curiosity. I mean, sure, the photo was posted for publicity purposes. It’s a shot meant to get fans even more excited for the Gilmore Girls revival to premiere on Netflix sometime by the end of 2016, but, with all the things that we know about the revival, I think there might be some truth to this picture that most fans are overlooking.

Like the fact that the revival is reportedly going to include a Stars Hollow musical. If this were the case, I can only imagine that the stars of the show would be rehearsing and performing at Miss Patty’s School of Dance. So, even though the sign says there is a town meeting in progress, there could be some serious creative work going on behind those closed doors.

Also, we should remember: This is Stars Hollow. And even though most towns discuss actual town business during town meetings, those Stars Hollow residents are known for making everything that happens in their town pretty personal. Town meetings led by Taylor have been known to cover everything from Rory Gilmore’s going away party to how to handle Luke and Lorelai dating.

So I have a feeling that there might be more than just boring, official stuff going on behind those doors. Maybe the whole town is meeting to discuss the rumored wedding that may be in the Gilmore Girls revival. For as much as the residents of Stars Hollow get involved in everyone’s business, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they were meeting to discuss the logistics of such a personal — and private — event.

Leave it to the people who live in Stars Hollow to make even the most intimate things a matter of town business. If I had my guess, there is nothing too official happening behind the sign in that picture. Unless you consider Taylor losing control of his gavel and getting booed off the lectern serious. That I could definitely see happening.

Image: Netflix