Zoella Lifestyle Candles Come In Lots Of Scents

ICYMI — Zoella Lifestyle, the new lifestyle brand from fashion and beauty blogger, Zoe Sugg, is now officially a thing. The British YouTube star is extending her personal brand to include all things home decor, and fans are really excited. We know that the collection targets basic apartment essentials like throw pillows, cozy socks, and even travel coffee mugs, but perhaps the most exciting item in the line is the mini collection of candles. So, what scents do the Zoella Lifestyle candles come in? Prepare to get excited.

If you have been keeping up with the brand's social media, you likely know that there are five separate candles with varying scents. For those of us anxiously yearning for details on all the scents, Sugg thankfully provided us with lots in her "Zoella Apartment Tour" video. In this behind-the-scenes clip, she takes us through a London apartment adorned in all of her new lifestyle goodies, including the signature candles and diffusers. Here is the 411.

The five fragrances include Daisy Picking, which resembles the scent of fresh meadows, according to Sugg, Lazy Days, which smells like clean linens (perfect for the bedroom), Seaside Stroll, a very light and fresh fragrance, My Eden, a floral scent, and Gingerbread Village, which as you might imagine, skews on the sweet side.

I love the pastel shades of the candles, which sort of seem to match their respective scents.

Another fun fact? Each candle's packaging includes a fun picture that corresponds with its fragrance.

My Eden, the girly floral scent, is definitely my favorite thus far.

Floral lovers will totally fawn over this stunning packaging.

The candles, as well as the rest of Zoelle Lifestyle launches online at Superdrug and Boots starting Sept. 19!

Check out the full BTS video for all the decadent decor.

Images: MoreZoella/YouTube (2)