Tarte's Shape Tape Now Comes In Even More Shades

A good concealer hides dark circles so your co-workers can’t tell how little sleep you got due to your late night Netflix-a-thon. But, a great concealer hides your lack of sleep and allows you to perfectly sculpt that face of yours. That’s exactly the kind of multipurpose action Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer delivers. So, the only other thing you really need to know is... what shades do the Tarte Cosmetics’ Shape Tape Concealers come in? I'm here to fill you in since you’re likely already sold on the idea of a contour and concealer all-in-one.

Not only has Tarte Cosmetics added four new shades to the range, they’ve also gone and restocked the product so you can shop it, like, now. Because they know this stuff is too good to wait for. The announcement of the new hues came at the same time as the restock announcement. And as of 12 p.m. on Sept.8, these creamy concealers were up for grabs.

The line now includes 10 shades ranging from fair to mahogany. Whether you’re looking to match your skin tone, go darker for contour, or even lighter for highlight there’s bound to be plenty of color options for you to get your whole face looking absolutely flawless. And that’s just the kind of assurance you’d expect from your makeup, isn’t it?

Don't settle for anything less than a concealer with incredible multipurpose potential.

There are now four new concealers in the mix, so that means there's even more to love about this product.

Let's get up close and personal with these new shades, shall we?

Now, get a look at the entire Shape Tape line-up.

They're so creamy and dreamy, aren't they?

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer, $27, Ulta

These are sure to give you all of the coverage, shape and highlight you could ever need. Go on and add this to your collection while you still can because only limited quantities are available.

Images: tartecosmetics/Instagram (1); tartecosmetics/Snapchat (3); Courtesy Tarte Cosmetics (1)