5 OG Positions You Shouldn't Forget About

I'm having renaissance with some of the classic sex positions that we all know and love. Nothing fancy, just the oldies but goodies. Maybe it's being in a relationship for a year, but as much as I like to try new sex positions and mix things up (and I really, really do), I have a newfound love for classic positions that just deliver again and again and again... no matter how many times you do them. It's just amazing how versatile some of these can be. They're definitely favorites for a reason.

And just because it's a classic position doesn't mean you necessarily always remember to incorporate it. I think of myself as covering all the basics, but I once had sex with a guy for over a year and a half without ever once doing doggy style. Not once. Can you imagine? And I know another couple who exclusively goes for positions where they can't see each other's faces. While I'm all for a little mystery, that wouldn't work for me. I mean hell, there's a lot to love about the missionary position— and I know that even being in a lesbian relationship. So make sure to keep checking back with these old standbys and don't let them slip away.

Here are five sex positions that are oldies but goodies, because sometimes you knew the answer all along. Remember, these positions work for two women as well.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: Like classic cowgirl, but you're turning facing their feet. Straddle them, gather your balance, and then lower down on to them. You can lean forward or backward, but just don't do either too quickly— you want to find a good way to position yourself, without injuring them in the process.

Why It's A Goodie: I was going to go with cowgirl— which could definitely be on this list— but reverse cowgirl is also a classic and just has an extra sexy factor. Play with yourself, play with your partner, and just enjoy the ride.

2. Doggy Style

How To Do It: You get to rest on your hands and knees, while your partner kneels in between your legs. Move your knees closer or further depending on what's comfortable and how tight of a fit you want. Then they can thrust away or you can take turns moving for a bit of power play.

Why It's A Goodie: I mean, come on — deep penetration, clit play from you (or your partner), and just feeling like you're really going for it, doggy is amazing. And you can mix it up in so many different ways. Definitely one for your rotation.

3. Missionary (Legs Up)

How To Do It: Start in classic missionary position (a great option in its own right), then slowly move your legs up and over their shoulders. Your partner should be able to help guide you, but don't let them go too quickly unless they know your flexibility levels. Then you can hook your knee, ankle, calf— whatever's comfortable— over your partner's shoulder, lay back and enjoy.

Why It's A Goodie: It's another oldie with a twist. Missionary is great just as it is, but this variation is not only a classic but has the ability to make everything more intense. You've got the closeness, perfect for making out or dirty talk, plus really deep penetration. Like, really deep. It's intense, guys.

4. The Bridge

How To Do It: From missionary, have your partner sit back on their heels. Then you think about your last yoga class, put your feet flat on the floor, and push up your hips while they sit up on their knees. Do your best to move together until you reach a height comfortable enough for both of you.

Why It's A Goodie: Because it's classic enough to do all the time, but there's also nothing boring or repetitive about it. You're getting an extra sexy view of each other, it's challenging enough to feel like a challenge, and your partner has the best access to your clit.

5. Sitting

How To Do It: It doesn't get any easier than this. One of you sits on the edge of a bed or couch, the other kneels on the floor. It's perfect for cunnilingus, but it doesn't need to end there. Get creative.

Why It's A Goodie: I mean, sometimes it's just about oral sex. And this position gives you the best access for oral sex— with fingers or toys if you like— but also enough comfort that you can just go for hours and hours. It's the best of everything.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle