7 Positions To Try While You're Young

They say that youth is wasted on the young, which is a damn good reason for trying some advanced sex positions while you're still youthful and limber enough to do them. While I'm not about trying a really difficult sex position unless it's definitely worth it, I'm also aware that, no matter how much yoga I do, I probably still won't be throwing my leg behind my head when I'm 50 years old. I'm not Samantha Jones, no matter how many times I wish for it to be true. So while there's no point in breaking your neck or trying things that are too complex to be fun, there are some sex positions that require some good knees and flexibility, so you may as well give them a go.

Some of them are totally new sex positions, while some of them are just variations on your old favorites (bouncing reverse cowgirl, anyone?), but they're all within the realms of attainable if you're feeling limber. And the worst thing that happens is you fall out of them and a have a laugh — which can be some of the most fun parts of sex anyway. Just move slowly, you may be young but you can still pull something, am I right?

So here are seven positions you should try while you're still young, because getting your ankles on their shoulders isn't going to get any easier. Remember, these positions can be done with two women as well.

1. Bouncing Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: Very carefully. You face their feet and lower down onto them, using either their hip bones or the bed to steady yourself with your hands. Bounce and grind, enjoy playing with yourself, but start off slow and pay attention to your partner — you don't want any painful incidents.

Why You Need To Try It Now: Because reverse cowgirl is the most common position to cause injuries and this is an even more advanced variation. Do it while they can still recover.

2. The Plow

How To Do It: Think traditional missionary position, but have them gently help you raise your legs up and onto their shoulders. Either your knee, calf, or ankle can rest there — whatever's the most comfortable!

Why You Need To Try It Now: Because it looks easy, but you're going to need some loose hip flexers to hold this position for any length of time. Tread carefully, but enjoy the very deep penetration.

3. The Seated Backbend

How To Do It: Sit on them like you normally would for girl on top, then they sit up and you shift your weight backwards. They can hold your hands to held give you some leverage as you lay back on their legs — if that's too far, don't fret. You can always prop yourself up on your elbows or use a pillow.

Why You Need To Try It Now: It's now or never. The clit play and amazing slow grinding makes it worth it.

4. The Three Legged Dog

How To Do It: Stand facing each other and be brave. You slowly lift one leg up and around them — ideally hitching it over their hip for support. They slowly guide themselves inside you. You can always stand on something to help even out your heights and for the love of god, don't be scared of lube. You're gonna need it.

Why You Need To Try It Now: Because if you fall over now, you're more likely to hurt your pride than your hip. And you can laugh off pride.

5. The Ankle Choker

How To Do It: This one is really tricky, so you need to go step-by-step. Believe it or not, you start out in missionary position. They then sit back on their heel and you put your feet flat and start to lift your hips up — try to move your pelvis at the same speed. Then they can help lift your ankles or knees up and over their shoulders. Use your arms for balance — you're going to need them.

Why You Need To Try It Now: Because it's basically a HIIT workout. It's going to test strength, balance, and (for your partner at least) there's going to be some cardio. I imagine when I get older I'll want my sex to be a bit less intensive.

6. The Advanced Crab Walk

How To Do It: Stretch first. Getting into traditional crab walk is difficult enough — your partner sits in the crab position, then you scoot (or crab walk) your way over and slowly lower your pelvis down onto theirs. Now, this adds putting your legs on top of his shoulder, which brings you closer and deeper but is also way more complicated.

Why You Need To Try It Now: Because you're never going to be this bendy again. Trust.

7. The Bridge

How To Do It: Another one that starts in missionary. Place your feet flat and slowly thrust your hips up into a bridge pose, while they sit back on their heels and moves up with you.

Why You Need To Try It Now: The real test here is endurance. Yeah, it's not that complicated to get into, but after a few minutes of holding (or thrusting) your glutes are going to be begging for mercy. Push through it. It's great for deep penetration and clit play, I promise. No pain, no gain.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle