Here's Why Jouer's' Site Is So Busy Right Now

On Thursday, YouTuber-loved brand Jouer Cosmetics released their hotly anticipated new highlight. The new Jouer powder highlighters have been making the rounds on social media like crazy, and as a result, the Jouer Cosmetics website doesn't seem to be doing so well because of the high demand. Many of your favorite beauty vloggers are actually currently in Paris celebrating the release of the new fall products, and it seems like they may have hyped things just a bit too much. However, one look at the new Jouer fall products, and you'll know why the Jouer website is having some technical issues.

Thankfully, Jouer is being incredibly proactive about the slow down on their website. In a post on the brand's Instagram account, they let fans know that due to incredible demand for the new products and the high number of people attempting to access the site is causing delays. However, they informed shoppers that the products can also be purchased over at Cult Beauty. The brand clearly wants their fans to get the new products from the launch and are doing everything they can.

In fact, if you peruse the comment section on the Instagram post, you'll see that Jouer hasn't just posted a text image but they've also been responding to customers' feedbacks on the Instagram. From apologies to more information on where to purchase the products, Jouer is clearly committed to making this launch successful for their fans.

The entire fall collection is gorgeous, and sites like Trendmood have been hyping up the products ever since news broke of its launch. Plus, if you folllow YouTube gurus like I do, you've already seen them wearing some stunning Jouer lippies and highlights.

It makes total sense that the launch would be so insanely popular considering the hype it received. Plus, with stunningly pigmented lippies and bomb powder highlights, it's totally on pace with the biggest trends for fall.

If you were wanting to purchase the new Jouer Cosmetics products from their website, you might be out of luck. Things may take a bit longer than normal, but you can still snag them, so try to be patient.

Images: Jouer Cosmetics/Instagram