Show Off Your Team Instinct Pride This Halloween

by Lily Feinn

As Halloween fast approaches, time is running out to plan the perfect costume. If you’re repping Team Yellow, and stumped on what to wear this Oct. 31, you need look no further than these “Pokemon Go” Team Instinct Halloween costume ideas. I know you’re probably pretty busy taking long walks to hatch all those eggs and occasionally stopping to battle a gym or two (and win). You have important things on your mind — like hunting down that Snorlax. These easy and creative Team Instinct costume ideas are the perfect way to show your Poke-pride, and basically win Halloween.

Our fearless leader Spark may be the butt of most jokes in the “Pokemon Go” community, but as members of Team Instinct, we know that can be used to our advantage. Spark’s carefree and fun-loving attitude has made him the star of all the successful “Pokemon Go” memes (plus, Spark fan art is the freakin’ best). And yes — Spark’s leather pants may be completely inappropriate to play “Pokemon Go” in, but darn it if they don’t look cool.

Trainers playing for Team Instinct have almost too many choices when it comes to great “Pokemon Go”-themed Halloween costumes. We might not be as cerebral as Team Mystic or as powerful as Team Valor, but this year our Halloween costumes will shine as bright as Zapdos’ lightning. Halloween is unfortunately on a Monday, but you would probably just be walking around playing “Pokemon Go” anyway, right? Why not do it in a kick*ss costume to remind Team Mystic and Valor that “there is no shelter from this storm.”

1. Team Instinct Trainer

Pokemon Trainer Jacket, $37, Amazon | Black Leggings, $13, Amazon | Pokemon Medallion Belt, $11, Etsy | Trainer Backpack, $37, Amazon | Fingerless Gloves, $12, Amazon

This may seem like an obvious choice, but you can never go wrong dressing as your avatar. All you need is a Pokemon trainer jacket, a billed hat, black leggings, and a blue romper, Top it off with spot-on accessories such as a medallion belt, trainer backpack for all your pokeballs, yellow sneakers, and black fingerless gloves and you're ready to go catch 'em all! Dressing as a Pokemon trainer this Halloween will make the popular augmented reality game a little more real.

Costume Ideas: Polyvore

2. Spark

Tape Single, $3, Domino | Shiny Black Leggings, $10, Amazon | Motorcycle Jacket, $54, Pink Queen | Black Keds, $36, Amazon

Spark's black and orange outfit was made for Halloween! The cozy sweater-jacket combo is perfect for a chilly fall night, and the shiny leather pants add a "cool girl" vibe to the whole ensemble. Using gold fabric tape is an easy and inexpensive way to create the accents on the jacket, sweater, and shoes. All you need for the perfect Spark costume is a pair of leather pants or black shiny leggings, a black motorcycle jacket, an orange hoodie, and a pair of black sneakers. So easy!

Costume ideas: Polyvore

3. Glam Zapdos

Lightning Bolt Earring, $16, Trouva | Bird face Mask, $10, Amazon

This Halloween you can light up the night dressed as a glam version of Team Instinct's mascot Zapdos. A yellow shift dress, lightning bolt earrings, a bird face mask, orange tights, and a sick pair of yellow pumps will bring the legendary bird to life.

Costume Ideas: Polyvore

4. The OG Yellow Silhouette Of Spark

A yellow unitard ($34.99, Spirit Halloween) is really all you need for this super simple "Pokemon Go" costume. Be sure to wear a jacket and jeans underneath for the full Spark-outline effect. Extra points if you grab some white display board and make the speech bubble prop!

5. Team Instinct Gym Leader

Gym Shorts , $5, Monki | Yellow Dumbbell, $3, Amazon

Team Instinct is small but mighty. Often we let Team Mystic and Team Valor fight over a gym, only to come back a few minutes later and snag it for yellow. Own all the poke-gyms in your 'hood this Halloween in a Team Instinct shirt, yellow All Star sneakers, gym shorts, and yellow wrist sweatbands. Carry around a yellow dumbbell to add a punny twist to the costume. Now you're ready to battle!

Costume ideas: Polyvore

6. Emo Pikachu

Yellow and Black Wig, $32, Ali Express | Pikachu Shirt, $20, TeePublic

As an electric Pokemon, Pikachu is repping Team Instinct for sure. Put a cool twist on the classic costume by turning the cute little guy emo with a yellow and black wig, Pikachu shirt, yellow Dr. Martens, striped leggings, and don't forget your box of tissues! Pika sad :(

Costume ideas: Polyvore

7. GOT And Team Instinct Meme Mash-Up

Long Black Dress, $50, Amazon | Team Instinct Metal Pin, $9, Etsy | Ultra Balls, $12, Amazon

Be the popular meme in medieval dress with a Pokemon twist. All you need is a faux leather corset, a faux fur cape, a long black dress, and a Team Instinct pin. Be sure grab a few Ultra Balls in case you run into that high CP Snorlax while trick-or-treating. Two great shows — one awesome costume.

Costume ideas: Polyvore

8. Egg Farmer

Denim Overalls, $67, ASOS

Spark is all about the poke-eggs. He believes that our Pokemon's potential lays in the way they are hatched. Members of Team Instinct have the distinct advantage that when our eggs are hatched the Pokemon have a higher CP and are given more candies than the other team. To be an Poke-egg farmer all you need is an egg shirt, plush Pokemon egg, and a pair of overalls. Throw in a pitchfork and a cowboy hat and you are good to go!

9. Dabbin' Pikachu

Pikachu Onesie, $16, eBay

All you need to make this meme a reality is a Pikachu onesie and some sick dance moves. Halloween accomplished!

Images: Screenshots/Pokemon Go, pokemongoapp/twitter, giphy (1), GeorgeParry/Twitter, wazo76/Twitter