8 Signs You're Definitely #TeamYellow For Life

All faithful “Pokemon Go” players know that once you become a level five trainer there is a crucial decision that you must make. You must choose to join one of three gym-battling teams, each differentiated by color and credo — and as a member of Team Instinct, I would like to make my case that there are signs that you are definitely Team Yellow on "Pokemon Go" (and Yellow is the best!). Yes, we might not be the most popular choice or the most powerful team; but though we are few, we are mighty. Team Yellow will Pokesteal your heart.

This is no small choice that you are confronted with: what team you pick in "Pokemon Go" actually says a lot about you. No pressure, but the choice you make will stay with you for the rest of your life (or until you restart the game). Like picking what college to attend or what Hogwarts house you belong in — the "Pokemon Go" team you choose may define you for years to come. Do NOT take this lightly.

If you have spent some time playing this viral augmented reality game, you already know that one of the best parts of it is the social aspect. The teams provide instant camaraderie and community — taking it from "I want to be the very best" to "We want to be the very best." Yes, of course you could choose Team Mystic the "intellectual" team or power-obsessed Team Valor, but like a ray of light from the legendary bird Zapdos, Team Instinct will continue to shine bright.

Also, need I remind you all that Pikachu is yellow. Yep. Mind blown.

Here are some signs that you are destined to rep Team Instinct:

1. You Trust Your Instincts

This is the most obvious reason that you belong with yellow, since our very name is Team Instinct. The leader of the group is Pokemon Master Spark. When you meet Spark for the first time, he makes his case for the team, saying:

"Pokemon are creatures with excellent intuition. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they’re hatched. Come on and join my team! You never lose when you trust your instincts!"

His speech may sound a little new age-y, but I agree with Spark. Getting in touch with your most basic instincts and learning to follow your intuition is a powerful gift. Pokemon are animals (of some kind) after all, and to be the best Pokemon trainer, you must be able to read their behavior and understand their natural propensities. Quickly made decisions are sometimes the best because they are not over-thought. While other teams (no offense Blue Team) will freeze up analyzing their next move, Team Instinct will conquer! Team Yellow: voted most likely to do group bonding and trust falls.

2. You Follow Your Intuition

If you have ever had a weird premonition, or dreamt of something that later came true — you belong on Team Yellow. I'm not saying you have to be some sort of psychic to join the Yellow (though that would be super cool), just be able to follow your gut feelings. Spark says that Pokemon have excellent intuition, which helps them fight. If you are able to let go of what your busy mind says in battle and use your instinctive feelings rather than cumbersome reasoning, we'd love to have you on the team.

3. You Are Not Afraid To Feel Your Feelings

Do you find Team Mystic to be a little uptight? Is all their "wisdom" and overly scientific "calm analysis" a little boring to you? Does Team Valor's leader Candela seem a little power hungry? Do their obsession with strength and training seem a touch obsessive and even Spartan?

Join Team Instinct and let your emotions guide you! Team Instinct wants you to get in touch with all those feelings so that you are better able to read your intuition. Members of the yellow team will never look down on you for crying at a moving insurance commercial, keeping a journal, or performing in that poetry slam — we encourage it!

4. You Root For The Underdog

According to online polls for some crazy reason Yellow is the least popular team, but as we know from high school movies, the popular kids are not always the nicest. A recent poll of 100,000 gamers by Kotaku found that Team Mystic lead by a large margin, with over 37 percent choosing the Blue Team, Team Valor came in second place with nearly 30 percent, and Team Instinct trailed far behind at 23 percent.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that the intellectual aspects of Team Mystic appealed to a wider audience, and blue is apparently the world's favorite color, according to a recent survey (red came in second). If you like to go against public opinion and march to the beat of your own drummer, than you are Yellow through and through.

5. You're Hella Chill

Team Valor may aggressively sneak out at 3 a.m. to lead surprise attacks on local gyms, and Team Mystic may have an army large enough to overtake cities, but yellow has... a nice glass of wine?

It's not that we don't care about our Pokemon or conquering gyms, we just don't need to always join the fray. We know that when the red and blue teams tear each other apart or flame out, Team Yellow will be left standing at the end.

Team Instinct is fine with spending a relaxing day collecting eggs, hatching them, and leveling up at lightning speed. As a member of Team Yellow, sometimes you know that its okay to just set up a lure at your local bar and enjoy a refreshing drink while the Pokemon come to you.

6. You Think Spark Is Hot

We may only be able to see Spark's silhouette, but it doesn't take much to know that he's a cutie. If you agree that this humble egg farmer with a cool spiky haircut is a total Dreamboat, then Team Instinct is for you. I'm guessing Spark is the Ryan Gosling meets Tom Hiddleston of Pokemon — hopefully, someday we'll even see his face.

7. You Want To Be Repped By Zapdos (The Best Mascot)

Each "Pokemon Go" team has a legendary bird as its mascot. Team Mystic is represented by the ice bird Articuno, who controls the cold. Team Valor's mascot is the fire bird Moltres, and Team Instinct is repped by the lightning bird Zapdos, who can harness the power of electricity.

If you're not sure which mythic creature is your favorite, need I remind you who can also control electricity? Two words: pika pika.

8. Uh... 'Cause It's The Best Team

My instincts told me to pick the yellow team, and I haven't once regretted my decision.

Images: Screenshots/"Pokemon Go", Giphy (1, 2, 3, 4) , iPokemonGO/Twitter