Does The Twitter Direct Message Update Work On Web? Here Are All The Differences Between The Platforms

Good news for anyone still faithfully trying to slide into those DMs: Twitter just added read receipts to direct messages, letting you know whether or not bae and your BFF and all the members of One Direction have seen your words. But if you're juggling multiple devices like the savvy millennial you are, you might be eager to know if the Twitter direct message update works on the web. The answer? Well... only some of it.

See, the direct message update actually comes with three new features: the read receipts, of course, but also a typing indicator to let you know when your friends are responding, and the addition of rich web media links that will fill out any links you drop in with a preview to the content. According to an official Twitter spokesperson, who replied to Bustle over e-mail, the rollout of these new features will hit everyone using iOS and Android. However, if you're using a desktop or other non-mobile device, only the rich web links will be visibly different. You won't be able to see if your friends are in the process of writing you back with the typing indicator, and you won't be able to see if they have seen your message.

The good news, of course, is that rarely are we ever so far from our phones that we can't just slide 'em open real fast and check on there. Here is what the update will look like when you do:

Basically your Squad DMs just got a beautiful facelift, courtesy of Twitter's new update!

If you're not seeing the update yet, then there are two different factors that might be at play. According to the Twitter spokesperson, the update is getting rolled out over the course of a few days, starting Sept. 8. Odds are, then, if you're not seeing it immediately that the rollout just hasn't reached your phone yet. But it's almost important to bear in mind that the new DM features will only pop up for you if you're using the latest version of the app. If you don't already have your phone set to update Twitter automatically, check your App Store for any updates you might have missed, and you'll stay on top of all the fun changes.

Now if anybody needs me, I'll be sitting in front of my Twitter DMs low key crying a river when all my Twitter crushes read my messages without responding. Keep me in your thoughts (and your DMs).

Images: Pexels