19 Creative Halloween Costumes For Couples In 2016

You're an artist and you're deeply moved by the seasonal changes. You're not into the fall the same way everyone else is — you see it for the magical, inspiring muse that it is. The temperatures are finally dropping, the leaves are morphing through color palettes and crumbling to the ground — and you and your boo are starting to freak out looking for creative Halloween costume ideas for couples in 2016 to really do the season justice.

You like half-hate it, half-love it, and can't stop searching the inter-webs for the best costumes for creatives couples like yourself. You want to be something that's funny, or interesting, or thought provoking — not basic. You want to represent yourself, and stay true to your creative instincts, but at the same time, you want to have fun and step outside of yourself, you want to dress up as one of your artist idols.

Alas, your filters are vague and the web is an endless pit of options. It's easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of played-out costumes. Here are some totally creative costume for the art-obsessed couple to take on this Halloween — you can copy them exactly, or you can let them inspire you to put your own creative spin on them, because that's your thing.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

It's a little bit scary and it's a little bit high fashion. It's the perfect compromise.

What You'll Need: For Little Red, you'll need a red cape ($46.50, Wear All), some sweet red shoes ($38, Shoebuy), and a classic picnic basket ($50, Overstock). For the Big Bad Wolf, you'll need a black jacket ($99, Urban Outfitters), some black pants ($14.50, Amazon), and of course, a scary wolf mask.

Image: Polyvore

Adele & Emma From Blue Is The Warmest Color

The blue hair will totally remind people of this powerful couple. Walk around eating a ton of spaghetti and drinking wine if you really want to drive the reference home ... or if candy isn't your thing.

What You'll Need: For Emma, most importantly, you'll need a blue wig ($24, Yes Style), a black tank top ($3, Aeropostale), and some laid-back boyfriend jeans or painter pants ($60, Hollister). For Adele, you'll need her signature scarf ($58, Nordstrom), a cropped military style jacket ($40, Chic Look Closet), and some flare jeans ($18, H&M).

Image: Polyvore

Suzy & Sam From Moonrise Kingdom

This retro look is totally iconic Wes Anderson — tons of people will recognize you, but you won't feel basic.

What You'll Need: Suzy wears a pink, collared dress shirt ($23, May Kool) a pink beret ($45, Nordstrom), white knee socks ($16, Nordstrom), a pair of saddle shoes ($48, Unique Vintage), and of course, her binoculars ($8, Amazon ). Sam wears a classic boy scout outfit, consisting of a short-sleeved wilderness shirt ($38, New Chic), army-colored wilderness shorts ($19.50, Amazon), knee-high socks, any pair of dirty brown shoes, a yellow bandana tied around his neck ($8, Urban Outfitters), and of course his Davy Crocket hat —the faux kind, though ($12.50, Amazon).

Image: Polyvore

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

If you don't want to overcomplicate Halloween, go for this laid back, chill New York vibe.

What You'll Need: For John, you'll need a vibey wig ($50, Etsy), some big '70s sunglasses ($55, EyeBuyDirect), a white blazer ($109, Yoox), and some fresh white pants ($80, Topman). For Yoko, you'll need a big white sunhat ($63, Brand Outlet), a form-fitting white dress ($70, River Island), some classic white go-go boots ($67, Overstock), and a pair of oversized sunglasses ($44, EyeBuyDirect).

Image: Polyvore

Joan Jett & Cherie Currie

This rock and roll duo is so fun to dress up as, because they're a blast. This is the perfect costume for a big party, because you'll feel like total badasses all night.

What You'll Need: For Cherie, you'll need a fierce, blonde, winged wig ($55, Etsy), a black sexy jumpsuit ($30, Charlotte Russe)m and some major go-go rock and roll boots ($70, Overstock). For Joan, you'll need a jet black short wig ($70.90, Yes Style), a vintage teeshirt ($13, Amazon), some flared, faux leather pants ($51, Bluefly), and faux leather black booties ($36, Amazon).

Image: Polyvore

Sid & Nancy

This infamous duo never gets old. They're a little bit glam, a lotta bit punk, and totally recognizable.

What You'll Need: For Nancy, you'll need a messy blonde wig ($60, Etsy)— she was famous for it. Pair that with a leopard tank top, ($9, Dorothy Perkins), some faux leather pants ($80, River Island), and a spike-y choker, and you'll feel pretty punk rock. Sid wears a black bomber jacket ($80, eBay), black tight jeans ($30, H&M), combat boots ($40, Amazon), and some dog tag necklaces ($10, Amazon). Go nuts with jewelry and eyeliner — they did.

Image: Polyvore

Candace & Toni From Portlandia

People who watch this show will flock to you with praise and laughs. It's definitely a conversation starter, either way.

What You'll Need: Candace wears a long, library-friendly dress that's both bookish and bohemian ($30, New Chic), a pair slip-on shoes ($24, Target), some reading glasses ($9, Amazon), a beaded necklace, and a feministic book. Tony wears a long cardigan ($26, Shein), a patterned long skirt ($30, Victoriaswing), sandals ($45, Billabong), reading glasses ($18, Amazon), and of course, a book about female rights.

Image: Polyvore

Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgwick

These two were so trendy and experimental with their '60s style, you can have a lot of fun dressing up as them. It will make you feel very retro.

What You'll Need: For Edie, you'll need her most iconic look: the striped dress ($18.40, LucLuc), paired with some black tights ($8, Target), some small black heels ($35, Nordstrom), huge chandelier earrings ($34, Humble Chic), a major cat eye with liquid eyeliner ($6, H&M), some nude lipstick ($25, Lulus), and a pixie cut wig ($13.25 Rosegal). For Andy, you can just stick to blacks. He always wore a black turtleneck shirt ($70, Topman), black pants ($50, Mango), and round, retro sunglasses ($13, Popmap).

Image: Polyvore

Tegan and Sara

Comfort and simplicity. Halloween doesn't always have to be a big deal. Everyone will be jealous of this costume.

What You'll Need: This sister-duo always *almost* matches. So for this costume, you're going to wear the same black pants ($42, John Lewis), the same black blazer ($22, Le3no), the same black shoes ($60, Vans), and the same black sunglasses ($9, Romwe), but different (yet coordinating) graphic t-shirts ($43, INUINU).

Images: Polyvore

Daria & Jane

C'mon, you have all these clothes in your closet already. I'm making things easy for you two.

What You'll Need: For Daria, you'll need to get your hands on a green army style jacket ($40, Yoins), a red shirt to go underneath ($12.40, Wear All), a pleated black skirt ($17, Choies), some boss combat boots ($50, 6PM), and obviously, some round-rimmed readers ($6, Forever 21). This look is so iconic, you won't even need a wig to make it obvious. For Jane, you'll need a sharp-cut black wig ($29, Etsy), a military-style red coat ($55, Modcloth)v a black dress to wear underneath ($39, Maggie London), and some black tights ($14, Urban Outfitters). Add an ear cuff for extra punk flare ($10, Rent the Runway).

Image: Polyvore

Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull

Possibly the most fashionable and influential romance in history.

What You'll Need: Mick is well-known for his sharp '70s suits with pointed collars ($150, Tradsey) and his pointed toe rock and roll boots ($90, ShoeBuy). Mix these together with a shaggy brown wig ($9.30, Amazon) and some large retro sunglasses ($19, Popmap), and you'll totally get down his vibe. Marianne had a bohemian style but was often photographed in neatly tailored cape coats ($44, OASAP), military style button-down skirts ($49, Miss Selfridge), tights ($6, Tobi), and fringe booties ($39, ZooShoo). Throw a big blonde, Brigitte Bardot wig in ($50, Etsy) and some massively oversized sunglasses ($13, Popmap) and you have her down.

Image: Polyvore

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

Get your french on. It's the excuse to cut bangs that you've been waiting for!

What You'll Need: Serge and Jane were super trendy and always changing up their look. But one of their most iconic looks is their nightclub vibe. Serge would wear a pointed collar button-down shirt ($30, Amazon), mostly unbuttoned and tucked into a pair of bellbottom jeans ($51, eBay), with a pair of casual loafers ($110, River Island). Jane, with her famous blunt-cut bangs ($14, Rosegal) would wear risqué mesh dresses ($36, River Island) with long layered necklaces ($21, Nordstrom) a basket handbag ($40, Dot & Co) and classic pumps ($23, Go Jane).

Images: Polyvore

Vivian & Edward From Pretty Woman

Everyone knows that dress. This on-screen couple is bound to turn heads and spark up spirited conversations about the plot.

What You'll Need: Vivian is a major stunner in this iconic brown and white polka dot dress ($42, Etsy). The addition of white evening gloves ($3, Amazon), white pumps ($50, 6PM), and an oversized sunhat ($28, 6PM) make this outfit a memorable home run. For Edward, he's just his usual dashing self, clad in a gray suit ($99, Belk), a bright yellow tie ($15, Amazon), and some weekend loafers ($93, Trouva).

Image: Polyvore

Baby & Johnny From Dirty Dancing

If you're looking for an excuse to dance, this is your couple costume.

What You'll Need: Johnny smolders in all black. All you need is a black tank top ($10, New Chic), a pair of stretchy, danceable black pants ($50, Topman), black shoes ($60, Keds), and a little bit of hair gel ($7, Topman). For Baby, you'll need some curls or a wig ($57, Etsy), a white, short-sleeved blouse that you can tie-up ($17, With Chic), a pair of cut off shorts ($30, Kohls), and some white sneakers ($50, Keds).

Image: Polyvore

Paulie & Tori from Lost and Delirious

Do you remember this movie? With Mischa Barton? This old school gem had the most beautiful and authentic couple and most people haven't even heard about it. This is your chance to tell them what they're missing!

What You'll Need: Paulie and Tori were stuck in their school uniforms for much of the film, which included a maroon blazer ($15, Amazon), a white blouse ($37, Chic Wish), a plaid skirt ($25, eBay), black socks ($7, Macy's), and black shoes ($34, Shein). Paulie never forgot her tie ($11, Overstock), as her style was more masculine. Paulie also had a thing for falcons, so you might want to get yourself a toy bird if you want to go big ($18, Amazon).

Image: Polyvore

Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain

Here's your opportunity to go ham on your '90s wardrobe collection and wear too much eyeliner.

What You'll Need: Get your '90s on! Kurt's style is totally still represented in today's fashions, so none of these items will be hard to find. Kurt was known for his blond hair ($13, Target), worn t-shirts ($80, Witchery), his sunglasses ($24, Fly Jane), his ripped jeans, ($50, Kohls), and his Converse sneakers ($60, Net-A-Porter). While Courtney had a more glamourous style, you would best represent her with a white old Hollywood style dress ($26, Lindy Bop), tall white heels ($21, ShooZoo), some smudged black eyeliner, a red lip, and some messy blonde hair ($50, Etsy).

Image: Polyvore

Margot & Richie From The Royal Tenenbaums

Sure, this costume is old news, but it's a solid option. Just don't smoke real cigarettes all night — no need to method act when playing Margot.

What You'll Need: For the classic Margot, wear a basic blue t-shirt dress ($58, OutNet) with a faux fur coat ($48, Hollister), a pair of loafers ($35, H&M), a blonde bobbed wig ($76, YesStyle) with a red clip on one side ($4, Amazon), and a ton of black eyeliner ($2.50. Rosegal) — and don't smile. For Richie, you need a tan suit ($105, Macy's), a large gray scarf ($99, Trouva), a pair of sunglasses ($14, Popmap), a retro athletic headband ($4, Amazon), and a pair of loafers, ($36, 6PM) — again, no smiling.

Image: Polyvore

Wayne & Garth

EXCELLENT idea! You'll be the immediate life the party.

What You'll Need: For Wayne, you probably won't have to look farther than your closet. He wears a black cap ($35, Shoebuy) that reads "WAYNE'S WORLD". You can get a pack of nail art pens ($5, Target) and draw on the lettering. He wears a black shirt ($14, Amazon), baggy jeans ($25, H&M), black Converse ($49, Amazon), and typically had a pair of drumsticks ($8, Uncommon Goods) poking out of his back pocket. For Garth, you'll need a messy blonde wig ($50, Etsy), a pair of thick rimmed glasses ($13, Popmap), an Aerosmith t-shirt ($17, Etsy), a flannel, ($34, The Hut), a pair of baggy jeans, and of course, a pair of black Converse ($49, Amazon). Oh, you have all of that in your closet? Yeah, I know.

Image: Polyvore

Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe

Perhaps less recognizable, but definitely a great couple to get people talking. This pair created so much art, there's endless conversations to have about them at parties.

What You'll Need: For Patti's androgynous style, you'll need a fitted white blouse with a thin black tie ($68, Navabi), a pair of black pants ($17, H&M), a black leather jacket ($44, Shein), and a short black wig ($24, Target). For Robert, you'll need a button down shirt that you can leave mostly open ($40, Topman), a pair of bellbottoms ($89, Gilt), a leather jacket ($99, Urban Outfitters), and layered necklaces ($57, Popmap). Feel free to bring a long a camera or some books — these two certainly would.


Images: Polyvore, Giphy