This Sex Toy Works Over Your Clothes

Most solo sessions with sex toys go something like this: First, you set the mood by lighting some candles, putting on your self-love jams, or turning on a skin flick. Then, you grab the lube, grab your toy (after checking the charge and/or batteries first!), get comfortable, and get naked. Thanks to the brand spanking new Hi Full Body Massager, however, you can now scratch that last part and get to the action even faster. According to the pleasure tool's IndieGoGo campaign, getting off doesn't have to mean taking off your clothes anymore.

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Like all great inventions, the Hi began as something completely different. It was initially designed to help women manage pain after C-sections, but after reports started pouring in about how test subjects were coming through their clothes, the makers got a different idea. The ergonomic device is now geared towards giving you "full body relaxation, and multiple orgasms in just minutes, anywhere you want."

Hi also offers a money back guarantee — which is always a plus when it comes to toys. This baby is also supposed to help with all kinds of physical maladies from stress and PMS to sore muscles and migraines. The downside? Well, it's kind of large and could be a bit cumbersome to travel with, but if the hype is real, then the Hi Massager just might spark a new clothes-on masturbating craze.

Images: Steve McGough/YouTube