Sofia Richie Spills About The Biebs

The fact that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are over is old news by now. But guess what? Sometimes history repeats itself. No, no more Jelena. Instead, Bieber is the subject of "Are they together? Are they not?" rumors yet again. This time with Sofia Richie. In an interview with Billboard, Richie finally talked about Bieber. In some ways, she clarified what's going on, but at the same time, she managed to leave things open-ended. She told the magazine,

"We have a special relationship. Justin is very easy to talk to, and that's hard to find with people in Los Angeles."

"Special" is certainly an interesting word choice. While this doesn't mean the pair — who's been spotted making out in Mexico — is actually a couple, it does suggest there's something going on. And in the very least, it sounds like these two have a genuine connection. The fact that she can talk to him more easily than others in Hollywood sure says a lot, especially since the 18-year-old comes from a famous family. She probably knows plenty of people in LA.

While she may have trouble finding good people in LA, growing up in the spotlight may have its upsides. For example, she told Billboard that her big sis Nicole Richie showed her the ropes of dealing with rumors and rude comments. The model said,

"I remember the paparazzi and the sh*t people would say to Nicole, and she wouldn't respond. I'm going to be real with you: It. Doesn't. Bother. Me. As long as I'm happy."

Good for her for not letting any other people's negativity get her down. This also adds another clue to what's going on with the Biebs: He makes her happy. Ultimately, isn't that what matters most?

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although Bieber hasn't directly commented on his rumored romance with Richie himself, he did stand up for her back when he threatened to make his Instagram private — and subsequently deleted his entire account. This all happened after people wrote online comments insulting her. At the time, Bieber wrote,

I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that I like.

Even if they're just friends, that's a move that shows commitment and care. Whatever is going on with these two, it sounds like a positive experience in both of their lives. Now if only the fans would warm up to the idea too.