Unexpected Hair Crush: Alexander Wang

If yet another article called "Get Jennifer Aniston's Sleek Red-Carpet Blowout" makes you want to cry with frustrated boredom, welcome into the fold. It's time for some new hair models, and they don't have to look anything like the mainstream. Think nontraditional, edgy, often-imitated-never-duplicated-type looks that you can totally duplicate with the right mix of product and attitude. Today's coolest hairdo? We're crazy for Alexander Wang's new blunt, lobbed-off cut.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 29-year-old fashion powerhouse is everything we want to be: driven, successful, and undisputed master of the sexy-androgynous-but-whatever style that his clothing has come to epitomize. Wang has sported several different lengths over the years, but his most recent look is a blunt, shoulder-length, "non-haircut," as his hairstylist, Joey Silvestra (Blackstones), describes it. Here's how to get his look.

1. No more layers. This look depends on hair that's all one length. Whatever you may sacrifice in terms of layered volume, you'll get back in terms of modern cool. Although hairstylists say that this look depends on careful snipping and subtle shaping, I hacked my hair off in a straight line months ago and think the imperfections make it look even better. Joey Silvestra might disagree, but who cares, it's so rockstar.

2. Stop washing it. Wang famously doesn't use conditioner, and often sends his models down the runway looking a little greasy around the edges. It's all very '90s, but if you want the unwashed texture without the unwashed sheen, get thee to the dry shampoo. Still, skipping a shower is important for this look to work. Really clean hair is going to look flat and boring — you want the weight and texture that, um, sebum buildup provides.

3. Meet the texturizers. There's a slew of hair products designed to mimic the casual, slept-in texture of Wang's hair. You've got your surf sprays, your products that preach "texture" (like this and this), and your tried-and-true combo of a shake of dry shampoo followed by a spritz of hairspray.

4. Only use products on the bottom half of your hair. Work your surf sprays and texturizers into the ends of your hair until about halfway up your head — no further. If you want volume, you can work mousse into your (damp!) roots, and hairspray can go all over, but too much additional product by the roots can cause clumping and grease, not texture and je ne sais quoi.

5. Have perfect bone structure. Whoops, getting a little aspirational here. But seriously, doesn't Alexander Wang have the most beautiful face?

Bonus: Pair this cut with blunt, shaggy bangs for a look that's so '60s folk singer meets "Frankly, my dear, I just don't give a damn."