Easy '90s TV Halloween Costume Ideas

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love thinking up and putting together really easy costume ideas for Halloween. Although I'd love to be a DIY queen, a makeup goddess or a whizz on the sewing machine, I simply am not. I like to keep things as simple and as cheap as possible and put together a costume which is still impressive (or, witty) enough to draw admiration from everyone at the party I'm at. With that in mind, there's some super easy '90s TV costume ideas for Halloween which will still ensure that you earn some high fives, but likely with half of the effort that your pals might have put in.

The truly great thing about these ideas is that a lot of them can likely be put together with existing clothes from your closet or everyday items that you might be able to source from home. With the exception of one or two, they also don't require much work. They're simply a throw it on with the addition of some vital details and own that character type of affair. They're also (mostly) totally easy to wear — because there's nothing worse than wanting to have fun at a party when you're stuck in a costume which is too tight, too uncomfortable or impossible to dance to "Everybody (Backstreets Back)" in. And I'm pretty sure you could bust out that zombie dance with ease in any one of these costumes:

1. Log Lady (Twin Peaks)

What you'll need: Oversized red glasses, a thick, knitted cardigan and a supernatural (or, normal) log of some description

How To Throw It Together: Should you not be lucky enough to already have a beloved log in your life, then simply pick up a pack of fire logs for yourself. Department stores like Lowes sell packs of six for $5, and one of them will totally set the look.

Really become Log Lady, though, by picking up a pair of Sally Jessy Raphael style costume specs (like these from Costumeish for $12.99):

And then add something like this snugly, patterned, wrap cardigan from Forever 21 for $14.99 and you'll be whispering to the woods in no time, my friends:

Now just be sure to tell everyone that the owls are not what they seem, and boom you'll have nailed it.

2. Helga Pataki (Hey Arnold)

What you'll need: A pink bow, a white t-shirt, a pink vest dress, thick unibrow (and a locket featuring the face of your beloved Arnold).

How To Throw It Together: First off, you'll want to grab that iconic pink bow, and quite frankly, you'll want it to be as big as possible (Claires have the perfect oversized pink bow, for $4.88):

For the clothes, keep it cheap and simple by staying super basic. Pick up a plain white tee and a pink jersey dress (H&M have a short pink jersey dress for $7.99 which would be ideal, along with basic white t-shirts for $6.99):

Finish the look by using some facial glue (Ben Nye Spirit Gum should do the trick at $4 for 7ml) to stick a line of black felt or cardboard to your brow area for that unmistakable Pataki uni-scowl:

Of course, I'm not going to encourage anyone here to spend copious hours chewing gum so that they can make their very own gross Arnold shrine out of gum to take along with them. But, you know, it's an option is all I'm saying.

3. Oz Dressed As "God" (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

What You'll Need: A sticky label. Preferably one of those that read's "Hello, My Name Is...".

How To Throw It Together: You need to think real meta for this one, and you'd better be going somewhere which has the sort of BTVS obsessive fans who will get the joke, too. Simply wear your most laid back, casual Oz-esque clothes possible, grab yourself a pack of name label stickers (Avery are currently selling packs of 100 for $6.04) and viola you have a neat Halloween costume (which also doubles as a parody of Halloween costumes).

Of course, having your buddy (or other half) dress as Joan Of Arc (a la Willow) would really help to set the joke, but it isn't too necessary. And also, when costumes can be as easy as this, who really cares?

4. Laura Palmer Wrapped In Plastic (Twin Peaks)

What You'll Need: Some plastic bags, blue lipstick, a nude bodysuit.

How To Throw It Together: If, like myself, you shudder at the idea of leaving the house in a leg baring bodysuit, then instead get a snug unitard in nude to wear under the plastic sheeting ($38 American Apparel):

Keep the plastic sheeting simple and eco by recycling some plastic grocery bags and stapling those bad boys together, and make your lips look cold and eerie with some blue lipstick ($7, Midnight Muse by NYX):

Oh, and be sure to make your hair look as wet and dirty as possible. Cheap hair gel and soil? Done.

5. Little Pete (The Adventures Of Pete And Pete)

What You'll Need: A red and black hunting cap, black t-shirt and a mermaid temporary tattoo.

How To Throw It Together: Thankfully, there's tons of hunting caps to be found for cheap online (such as this one for $14.99 on eBay):

Whilst you can find a nice, basic black tee for $6.99 at H&M.:

But the real finishing touch? You've got to add Pete's main girl Petunia to your arm, of course:

There's some amazing temporary mermaid tattoos to be found all across Etsy right now which would make for a perfect imitation Petunia, including this little beauty for just $2:

Now all you need to do is find yourself an Artie: The Strongest Man In The World, and you'll be good to go.

6. Lisa, Kelly Or Jessie From (Saved By The Bell)

What You'll Need: A Bayside high t-shirt, gym shorts and huge amounts of hair. No, even bigger than that, people. I'm talking gigantic.

How To Throw It Together: Pick your favorite Queen of Bayside to be for a night by repping some school spirit with a Bayside High gym tee. 80stees.com has an assortment of different designs to pick from, including this amazing '80s style cut off sweatshirt for $30:

Pair it with some running shorts from American Apparel ($22):

And if you're not the type to enjoy baring your legs (me neither), then buy a pair a couple of sizes up to your regular size, and layer some jersey leggings underneath. Now, just give yourself some major hair volume, tie a scrunchie in and let's go Bayside!

7. Krumm (Real Monsters)

What You'll Need: An oversized nude hooded jacket, fabric pens and two white balls.

How To Throw It Together: Treat yourself to a nice, large nude hoodie from the men's department (the bigger the better), such as this one for $19.99 from H&M:

You also really don't need to be great at art for the next part, as Real Monsters were meant to look kind of scary, right? So grab yourself some fabric pens to add Krumm's body hair and his exceptional, blue grinning mouth to the hoodie (such as this fab set of Marvy Uchida Graffiti Markers from Michaels for $8.49):

Finish the look with a pair of black or beige leggings and two white balls (they could even be two pairs of old, balled up white socks) for Krumm's eyes (simply draw a black circle in the centre of each). Hold them in your hands and present yourself to the party. You're a Real Monster, now honey.

8. Alex Mack (The Secret World Of Alex Mack)

What You'll Need: A red baseball cap, a plaid shirt and some yellow face paint.

How To Throw It Together: Ms. Mack really loved to just chill out some super casual clothes, so you can pretty much get away with wearing jeans and an old t-shirt for this one. But the crowning jewel of the costume is a backwards red cap (head to eBay and find some as cheap as $2.81, like this basic gem):

As well as a flannel shirt to tie around your waist (such as this cute flannel for $12.99 from H&M):

Oh, and don't forget some glowing, yellow face paint (I recommend using Snazaroo's in bright yellow from Michaels, for $8.99) to give you that fresh uh oh, chemical spill look:

Now, if only you could figure out a way to morph into liquid whenever you need to...

9. A Nickelodeon Guts Champion

What You'll Need: A Guts t-shirt, a yellow helmet and a medal.

How To Throw It Together: Thankfully, a store called Temple Shirts has all manner of Nickelodeon game show replica costume pieces available to buy from them. Including a Nickelodeon Guts replica t-shirt (prices starting at $14.95) and gold helmet ($18.00):

Now all you need is a snazzy medal to prove that you have what it takes to be a champion, yo — such as this one from Party City for $1.49:

Pair with shorts or sweats, but just make sure you look like a winner either way, okay, guys?

10. Kendra The Vampire Slayer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

What You'll Need: A ripped long sleeved shirt, a toy sword, hoop earrings, some purple bottoms and a homemade sign that reads "That was my favorite shirt!"

How To Throw It Together: Pair this simple keyhole crop top ($12.90) with purple leggings ($19.90) and hoop earrings ($2.90), all from Forever 21:

And finish the look with a mighty, toy sword (like this Royal Dark Sword for $7.99 from Spirit Halloween):

Oh, and don't forget to add a big rip on the arm of your top and a tiny note pinned next to it explaining how you feel about your enemies ripping your favorite — and only, shirt. Not cool, vampires.

11. Pikachu (Pokémon)

What You'll Need: A super snugly onesie that you'll likely cherish forever

How To Throw It Together: Treat yourself to a full on Pikachu kigurami one piece such as this little lovely available from Simon (via Amazon, prices start at $17):

You'll likely never want to wear anything else again. Also, how is it 2016 and Pikachu is still just as much of a relevant character as ever? Whatever magic that is, I'm totally into it. Halloween onesies forever, y'all.

Such a breeze. Take your pick ladies, and keep it simple, easy, comfortable and totally spooky with a throwback '90s vibe this Halloween. Party on.

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