The Most '90s Halloween Costumes Ideas Ever

by Erin Mayer

The '90s are the decade that just keeps on giving. We're in 2014 already and we still can't let the glory days of our youth go. With Halloween just around the corner (okay, so, like a month away), you may want to think back upon the pop culture references you knew and loved from childhood when brainstorming costume ideas. Because '90s Halloween costumes are the best Halloween costumes.

Put down the sexy nurse (or sexy carrot???) outfit, skip the Slender Man pantsuit (yes, it exists), and think more along the lines of classic '90s television characters, toys, and musicians. After all, you're no basic bitch — even if you do splurge on the occasional pumpkin spice latte— and you deserve a killer Halloween costume. Since everything '90s is in once again, you'll look super current even if you're channeling a throwback. This is your chance to dress like Kelly Kapowski without your mom yelling at you to put a sweatshirt over that crop top. You're an adult, goddammit, and therefore able to enjoy the '90s the way you wish you could've when they were actually happening.

By now, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by options. Should you go as a Furby or a character from Rugrats? (Uhh, always Furby). Never fear — I'm here to help. Here are 11 stellar Halloween costume ideas to help you get your "party like it's 1999" on.

1. Pink Power Ranger

Just to be clear, the Pink Power Ranger is the only Power Ranger worth dressing up as. She was everybody's favorite, right? This costume would be seriously improved without that dumb little skirt part and shoes that are a little less '60's knock-off, but you get the idea.

2. Sailor Moon

Unfortunately this outfit won't give you Sailor Powers, but you can pretend. That's what Halloween is all about, right?

3. Wednesday Addams

Classic. All you need is a black dress with a white Peter Pan collar, a belt, and a serious case of RMG (resting murderous glare). Definitely DIY this one since all the store-bought versions look like evil Pilgrim outfits. Oh, and don't forget the braided pigtails.

4. Spice Girls

If you wanna be my lover... you gotta dress up as one of the Spice Girls with me for Halloween. Oh, and how '90s is this photo? I see you, Luigi...

5. Ms. Frizzle

Red hair is totally required for this so if you aren't blessed with ginger locks, better get yourself a wig!

6. Furby

Dress up like one of these and you're guaranteed to win the "Scariest Costume" award at any party.

7. The Log Lady from Twin Peaks

All you need is a spiffy log, an ugly sweater, and Sally Jessy Rafael glasses.

8. Daria and Jane

Yes, that's Katy Perry dressed as Jane.

9. Courtney Love

Lucky for you, flower crowns, crop tops, and baby doll dresses are a dime a dozen at Urban Outfitters these days.

10. Kelly Kapowski

It helps if you have a Zack Morris by your side.

11. The Pixar Lamp


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