'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo Has Advice For Anyone With A Gift Of Their Own

Do you love Long Island Medium like I love Long Island Medium ? Theresa Caputo combines my loves of ghosts, spirits, big hair, and Long Island accents to form one of my can’t-miss television shows. I cry every single time! Before embarking on her fall tour, "The Experience," Caputo sat down for a Facebook Live chat with TV Editor Samantha Rullo on Bustle's new series Pillow Talk (complete with robes and Long Island Medium fans) and dished on everything from advice for people who are struggling with their own gifts to if she ever gets a break from spirit (spoiler alert: she doesn't). And if you want to "experience" the Long Island Medium yourself, you can buy tickets to her tour, which kicks off in Maine on Sept. 25, on her website.

Being a medium is not exactly a normal career choice, and Caputo deals with a lot of hurt, mourning family members. As with anything that’s not easily explained, there are plenty who doubt that Caputo’s abilities as a medium are real. When asked how she feels about those non-believers, she said, “What? There are people that question [me]?” She continued:

“I am the first one to say that what I do is crazy. How can someone communicate with someone who has died? I get it… [But] it’s just an opinion, and everyone has a right to [his or her] own opinion. You don’t have to like what other people say or what other people do, but you do have to respect it. I respect if people don’t understand what I do. I get that. [But] you can’t discount someone else’s happiness or message or validation.”

Caputo doesn’t deal with negative people who are living, and she doesn't have to deal with negative spirits either. Instead, she is figuring out how to live without fear. When asked what she’s learned about herself by appearing on television for seven seasons of Long Island Medium, she said, “I’ve learned that there really is honestly nothing to be afraid [of] ... I’ve lived my life in so much fear because of my gift.”

Caputo has mentioned before in her books and in interviews how hard it was for her to embrace that she could talk to spirit, and she said that when she did finally recognize that she could do something special, “I didn’t even give it a second thought about putting my life out there.” You can watch the rest of her interview in the video above.

Since learning to deal with her abilities, Caputo has definitely become a champion for those who may also have some special gifts. She doesn’t proclaim to be an expert — “This is what has helped me, so I hope it will help you,” she said — but her advice rings true whether you’re an amazing painter, a gifted dancer, or you can talk to people on the other side. As Caputo says, “Embrace it, honor it, respect it… and always ask for the highest good.”

Image: TLC