The Funniest Drake & Rihanna Memes For Anyone Who Can Barely Handle Aubrih

Despite what the haters, naysayers, and all the allegedly “indifferent” people of the internet might say, there is absolutely never enough Drake and Rihanna goodness to be had. Never. And so, while there may be a lack of news on the Aubrih front from time to time — after all, they’re only human and probably don’t want to be photographed or caught on a videocamera every waking day — there are always other ways to bask in their relationship. Like for instance, the wealth of funny Drake and Rihanna memes that have sprung forth recently due to their relationship becoming public… ish.

The Aubrih memes that I’ve found that have sent me into a laughing fit or two encompass all of the emotions those two spark in fans. Whether it’s joy, excitement, frustration, or confusion, these immortal internet jokes are entertaining because they are so real. Aubrih is a phenomenon that we all collectively have feelings on one way or another and these memes prove that we are all watching the couples’ moves very, very closely. Maybe a little too close, in fact.

That said, here are 13 Drake and Rihanna memes that prove we can all have a laugh now that they are unofficially official and we’re all a little less on edge over their relationship status.

1. When Math Gets Romantic

I probably should've paid more attention in class.

2. The Demand For An Aubrih Rom Com Is High

*Reserves tickets*

3. The Downside To Drake's Declaration

You know you were thinking it, too.

4. This One Is... Unexpectedly Excellent

Always in sync. Even unintentionally.

5. When Rihanna Was A Meme In And Of Herself


6. A Reassessment Of Drake's Big Onstage Moment With Rihanna

That is cold... and hilarious.

7. About That Billboard...

Pretty much.



9. I Don't Necessarily Agree, But LOL Regardless

Drake's in love with everyone but he's more in love with Rihanna. You know?

10. This One's Rife With Passion

I've experienced this exact encounter.

11. When People Just Don't Get It

Wake up!

12. Because Aubrih Has Everyone In Their Feels

Literally me.

Now put on "Too Good" and scroll through again. It makes it even better.