13 Things That Are Worse Than Waiting For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

I don't know about you, but the idea of waiting until summer 2017 to watch Game of Thrones Season 7 sounds like torture. Okay, waiting may not be as worse as being waterboarded (or is it vino-boarded?) by Cersei Lannister, of course, but it's pretty darn bad. That's why we, the ravenous fandom who are forced to wait, will surely be finding plenty of ways to distract ourselves from this abject torture. Right? We're already forced to go through winter and spring like normal folks who don't know what they're missing out on. Surely there are distractions to be had. We can find a new TV show to keep our minds active, try and conquer Pokemon Go or may test drive scrapbooking—that's still a thing, right?

Listen, I know the idea of not reading spoilers, fan theories and re-watching the same Season 7 teasers will be torturous. Believe you me, I feel your pain. So while we're all breaking out into a nervous sweat and cultivating new hobbies, let's all remember there are worse things in this world. Yes, I said it: There are worse things that waiting for Season 7 Game of Thrones. "Like what?" you're probably asking rather incredulously, "There's nothing worse than waiting to find out if Daenerys unleashes her dragons on King's Landing." Well, folks, let me enlighten you.

1. Waiting For The Weekend

You know when that #FridayFeeling becomes more of a plague than a pleasure? Or when you're suddenly preparing for your next epic Sunday brunch on Monday morning at 6 a.m.? Yeah, the regular work week is nobody's friend.

2. Waiting For That Special Someone To Text Back


Don't even get me started on the ellipsis that precedes a text. Talk about being teased. I'd wait another five years for Game of Thrones Season 7 before I could wait for that text any longer.

3. Stubbing Your Toe


Corners. Cracked sidewalks. Someone stepping on your foot. This world is full of surprises and many of them are lying in wait, ready to come between you and your quick gait.

4. Forgetting To Delete Your TIDAL Subscription


Oh, sure, it's all fun and games to get lured into signing up for TIDAL when Rihanna and Yeezy are exclusively dropping their new material. But what about when the fun subsides and a few months later, you get charged for the subscription you never cancelled? Yeah, guys. The horror is real.

5. Being Forced To Choose Between Beyoncé Or Rihanna


How can you force someone to choose? Worse still, how can you be forced to choose? I'd honestly rather be roasted by one of Daenerys' dragons that choose which musical goddess I love more.

6. Waiting In A Line. Any Line.


Waiting in line is the physical equivalent of an existential crisis. No Millenial has time for that nonsense.

7. Accidentally Reading Spoilers For Your Favorite TV Show


Picture it: You're settling in to your cubicle and kill some time by catching up on the daily news. You're trying to avoid news about your favorite, can't-miss TV show and then—boom. An article detailing every last spoiler-y detail. There is absolutely nothing worse than that.

8. Using Public Transportation In A Major City


Unless it's a mild day, any form of heat, cold or rain feels doubly worse when brought into the close quarters of a bus or subway car. Sure, we've all thought of ways to combat the elements but trying to stay fancy in a sweltering subway car is the worst.

9. Binge Watching Late On A Week Night


What's worse than accidentally discovering an amazing TV show and binging it but you forget that you have to work in the A.M.? Nothing, my friend. Nothing.

10. Getting Roasted In The Group Text


We're all just trying to do our best when planning what to do this weekend, so be kind in that group text. Nobody asked for this.

11. Asking To Choose Which Chris Is Hotter


Pratt? Evans? Hemsworth? Kattan?? There's a lot of famous Chris's in this world. All of them are perfect and can do no wrong, so how are you supposed to choose just one?

12. Paying Off Student Loans


It's the one time of the month that we all dread and it is the worst way to be reminded you're a broke youth. In fact, it's literally just the worst.

13. Meeting Someone Who Doesn't Watch Game Of Thrones


And if, for some reason, you don't think the aforementioned situations are awful, trying envisioning a person who doesn't like or watching Game of Thrones. That's a real scenario, people. A horribly real scenario.

When you get down in the dumps that Season 7 is incredibly far away, try to remain calm. There's worse things in this world, lying in wait to make you forget all your Game of Thrones woes.

Images: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy (13)